About us

About us

Cipelicastiklica is a services firm. They are regional associates, far more than contractors. We prepare you for the obstacles and opportunities that are substantially greater. We create bridges for the delivery of all operational modules that can guide the entire enterprise, that is uniquely designed for all levels.

Who are we

We are real ones who design something incredible. We really create amazing stuff. With classification of normal and an eye for craftsmen we approach the technology. We treat the challenge of our customer as our own obstacle never met before and then some focus on solving it. Our common goal for the next project has been to focus on smartphone and cloud flexible digital interfaces to satisfy consumers, show the knowledge they need and ensure that the product will be developed over the year. We cooperated with Google in order to draw on our proven software development expertise so that the developed and adopted approach contributed to the core consumer priorities of enhancing performance and efficiency.

Our Services

We also took over technologically and architecture, gained silo-free collective effectiveness in recognizing technological viability and smoothly incorporated applications, which work rapidly with little redesign needed, collaborating closely with other departments.

In the search results, we have conducted multiple commitments and work to expand effective internal connections. Joint future starting to plan. We have already begun further events, which will build on our durable flexible coding with the desire for modifications and developments

Our staff has deep awareness of this company, its goods, architecture and coding requirements, software technology and protection procedures, and usability dedication based on years of practice. As the simple protection factor, our mutual fascination with clean code helped us systematically carry out protection and usability checks.