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The cipelicastiklica welcomes posts from artists, developers and writers searching for chances to publish. Throughout the years , we have developed a high degree of readership and a credibility as a trustworthy source of knowledge for the industry. Whether you’d like to write a single article or if you want to contribute regularly to our writing team, our opportunities are open. We ‘re glad to write about you because you’re an authority on anything you need to do. designing fantastic websites, moving traffic, networking or earning an income online.

We are delighted to deliver professional posts on state-of-the-art architecture problems. Yet without you, we will surely not be here. The website is made popular from our group of writers. The exchange of expertise, ideas, techniques and praises make a fun, robust and insightful network possible. And nothing makes us more happy than to tap into the party.


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  • Online presence and graphics, digital marketing, freelance development, blog posts and advertising are the main topics covered in the blog.
  • No paid or supported material is released.
  • Not all applications of publications are approved. We retain the freedom to reject applications of papers which we print in particular. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to submit your post elsewhere if we don’t publish it.
  • For items such as arrangement, spelling or orthography, documents may be modified. We can help with punctuation and syntax if English is not your first language.

Please follow the following guidelines if you submit a post:

  1. You can submit articles in the format HTML, text, or Word.
  2. All entrants have to be first. They can’t be released elsewhere and can’t be considered plagiarism, of course.
  3. This should be different in content. If we have very comparable research articles on several websites, we do not want to write an article.
  4. Please include pictures that are good, if appropriate. If possible, photographs in the jpg or png format should be optimized for both the web. For all images, Alt tags must be used.
  5. At the end of your post, please include a short bio creator. This bio will also include ties to the website and/or social networking accounts. We recommend writers to provide a link to their Google+ profile for Google’s writings.

Please email us if you have an article to apply. And, please email us with your suggestions if you want to address potential problems before you publish. We frequently publish free content for our readers as well as posts and guides, such as website builders, fonts, symbols, etc. Please let us know if you are utilizing a tool you wish to share with our readers.

If you want to write to us, please give us a brief email explaining your background and other things you wish to apply. Furthermore, please ensure that you provide ties to your previous research works and your target per article cost. Be sure to express your feelings clearly to the typical person. One aspect is that you should treat the article like it’s an easy good call, but another point is that the method is really demonstrated to a wide audience.


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