WordPress Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Read these 7 Tipss

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Gone are the days when website development was considered a job that required extensive skills in programming and coding. Now, with the help of WordPress, everyone can build a website for their business or personal blog. With the advancement in technology, you can create your content and upload it on your website without any expert help. 

Initially, WordPress was launched as a blogging website, but according to stats, almost 33% of the world’s websites have been developed on it. It has the most powerful content management system (CMS) among all web development service providers. 

It has benefited small businesses the most because they can now build fancy websites and have a somewhat similar impact that the high-end websites have on the users. As websites have now become major marketing tools due to e-shopping, every other business wishes to have an online presence to capture a wide audience.  

Just read these seven tips and become a pro at WordPress.

Easy to use

At first glance, WordPress may look very complicated. They might get overwhelmed by looking at an extravagant website made on WordPress, thinking how difficult it might be to use with a multitude of customization options. Contrary to what people believe, using WordPress is very easy. It is as simple as using a word processor like Microsoft Word. You just need to have basic computer skills, and you are ready to get started. 

WordPress works on the front endand back end. The front end is what the visitors see when they navigate your website. The password-protected part of the website is the back end,which is where you log in and control your website. You need to select a layout of your website from the navigation bar, insert text and photos from the library, choose the transition of youto like, and your website is ready. You can create as many pages as you want and customize them according to your taste. 

You can also edit and format the content anytime you want. However, it is advisable to go through a tutorial for basic learning because it might irritate a user to look for all features. Once you have learned about the features, it takes no time to put all things together.

WordPress is free!

It comes as a shock to many people that the website which offers a plethora of features is free to use. Just download WordPress and start working on your website. It does not charge a single penny for any of its plugins or themes. 

Anything free in this world is always a reward, and getting an opportunity to build a website of your choice with no expense is definitely a treat. However, you have to pay for a domain name and web hosting to make your website live. You can choose from many web hosting services and select a package that suits your budget. But anything on WordPress is free. 


WordPress plugins are add-ons that improve the features of your website. They include a contact form, photo galleries, feedback forms, links to social media, or anything related to the fonts, animations, etc.

Whenever you need something specific or new, you simply add it on by a plug-in. There are thousands of plugins available on WordPress alone. These plug-ins are free of cost. In addition to this, new features are introduced regularly due to high demand.

Few plugins which are unique in the feature are difficult to find. So, you can simply hire professionals to build a custom plugin for you, but this happens very rarely. Almost every need is fulfilled at WordPress. At times too many plug-ins can make it confusing for newbies, so switch off the plug-ins which are not in use. 


WordPress is also famous for its wide range of artistic themes. The entire look of your website depends on these designs and layouts. From colors and fonts to styling,every feature depends on the websites’ themes.

Every business is different as they sell different products. Due to this, every company needs a unique design of its website, which should match the soul of their business. WordPress has a solution to all your needs. It has uncountable themes that can suit every business. New and exciting themes are released regularly to provide a huge variety to WordPress users.

If you cannot find one wait for few days and it will be available soon. As a layman, you might not know much about design and layout. But WordPress makes your website so catchy as if it has been designed by a professional. 


WordPress allows its users to build a website exactly the way they wish. They have numerous choices from a small one-page personal site to a full online store or massive corporate site. All layouts are available and ready to use. 

Other web design platforms have limited layouts, and even WordPress started as only a blogging website, but with time, it has expanded its horizons.Whether you own a boutique or a freelance photographer or have a huge manufacturing plant, WordPress can provide you with any kind of website. 

WordPress is SEO friendly

Google loves taking content from the websites made on WordPress, an added advantage of WordPress. After your website is ready, you do not have to put in much effortinto search engine optimization (SEO). 

Just use the SEO plugins, and you are good to go. SEO is essential for all businesses. Making a website and then not working on SEO is simply like stitching a piece of fabric and then not wearing it. 

SEO helps businesses in attracting maximum customers as at this age; everyone looks up for things online. Think wisely and benefit from this while you can, and start working using WordPress.

Popular – huge community

As there are millions of WordPress users worldwide, this means that it has a huge community of loyal users. The vast network of users is very helpful when you are stuck at something you can easily access thousands of WordPress developers who have their forums, blogs, social media pages, etc. 

It is now not just a web designing platform but an entire community residing between the two corners of the world. 

The list does not end here. The world of internet is a very uncertain place, and intruders can always get into your websites, but again WordPress has evolved, providing the best secure platform to its users. What else do you need? Just log in and start using WordPress. You will come across many other features that prove that WordPress is the easiest and best place to develop a website.


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