Why Rent a Meeting or Conference Room at a Co-working Space?

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Co-working Spaces have changed the landscape of workspace designs in the last decade. The demand for a more collaborative work environment has increased and enterprises are now looking at spaces that can enhance their team’s work experience and bring the best out of the individuals. Co-working spaces nurtured the idea of a creative workspace into a better business model by combining vibrant work ambience with an environment that facilitates the exchange of ideas and innovative discussions.

The concept of sub-letting ready-to-move-in offices was in trend for quite a long time in the form of traditional business centres before the idea of co-working spaces started trending. Shared office spaces took the idea and went one step further by providing these services while forming a community that can inspire each other in their respective journey of growth.

Choosing to work from a shared office space comes with a lot of benefits as compared to operating from a business centre. The sense of belonging to a community of like-minded individuals enhances your mind at work. Regular events and gatherings boost your enthusiasm and keep you constantly motivated. Moreover, the vibrant ambience and pumped up surroundings keeps your spirits high all through the day. Co-working spaces also provide networking opportunities for their communities constantly through engaging events that can benefit businesses.

Apart from providing subscription-based models for desks and cabins, co-working spaces also offer other amenities such as meeting & conference rooms on an hourly and daily basis for companies to rent as per their needs.

Meeting Rooms and its Amenities

Creating a lasting impression on your clients is important for any business. Co-working spaces pay extra attention to the ambience and its details. Co-working spaces are designed to create a good impression and make efforts to provide their members with a great experience. Meeting spaces at premium co-working spaces are equipped with all the necessary amenities such as:

  • Web Conferencing Support
  • High-end Monitors & Televisions
  • Ergonomically Designed Chairs
  • Basic Stationery Kits
  • Food & Beverage Services

Conference Rooms and its Amenities

Conference rooms are an essential need for most businesses and play a significant role especially to fulfil the needs of facilitating a gathering for the top-level management. Critical team meetings or board meetings can be conducted at these formal yet energetic spaces that are available at co-working spaces on rent. Board rooms or conference rooms are generally equipped with the following amenities:

  • High-speed Internet Connectivity
  • Web Conferencing Support
  • Audio-Visual System
  • Ergonomically Designed Chairs
  • Stationery & Supplies
  • Food & Beverage Services

Why rent a Meeting Space?

Meeting rooms or conference rooms at co-working spaces facilitate several activities that may or may not be carried out at your premise or a café like surrounding. Co-working spaces provide a professional environment and also helps you with any support you need during your event.

  • Lack of Infrastructure

In case your office space does not possess a dedicated meeting area, you can simply book a meeting room at any shared office space nearby and conduct your private meeting without any disturbance.

  • To Host Premium Clients

Hosting an important client at a premium location and space will definitely give you an edge in forming an enduring impression. The ambience and vibes of the space surely play a huge role in cracking an important deal amongst other things.

  • Change of Environment

A little change of surrounding once in a while helps freshen up your mood. Teams meetings can be organized at new spaces to boost up the team’s morale and welcome new ideas and encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

  • Conduct Training & Seminars

Training in the form of workshops and seminars can be organized seamlessly at these spaces. It is difficult to cater to a crowd at an office space with a limited gathering area. Training rooms and meeting spaces at co-workings are designed to facilitate such events and are equipped with the necessary tools.

  • Conducting Interviews

In case of conducting interviews of candidates from a location where you do not have a physical presence, you can book meeting rooms at these co-working spaces and conduct interviews in a formal environment rather than meeting the candidates at a casual space such as a café which also creates a better impression.

Plug and play office spaces are fully equipped to meet your needs while providing a seamless experience for you. Co-working spaces spread across the country can easily solve your problems in case you do not have a presence everywhere but need a formal work environment to carry out such operations.

For instance, if you are looking to book a meeting room in Ahmedabad, DevX, a premium co-working space that has its presence pan India, offers services that can facilitate a team meeting, board meetings, training or workshops, interviews, or events, etc. with all of the above-mentioned amenities. Rent a meeting space at a shared office space near you and experience the vibrancy of a co-working for yourself.


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