Why Every Landlord Should Let Their Rental Apartments Out Fully Furnished

Rental Apartments

There’s no denying it: searching for properties to rent can be a frustrating process. What’s even worse is when you come across what looks like the perfect property for you, only to find that it is unfurnished! Yes, that might be suitable for a small percentage of people who are looking for a long-term rental and have all of their own furniture in storage, however, for someone passing through or looking to spend a year or two in Thailand, unfurnished properties are the stuff of nightmares. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about why we believe that every landlord should let their rental apartments out fully furnished. 

You can charge more in rent 

The most attractive benefit for landlords of course, is the fact that you can charge at least 15 to 20% more in monthly rent. Furnishing an apartment is more convenient for your prospective tenants and ultimately makes it look more attractive. This increases its perceived value and people are far more willing to pay a higher asking price as a result. 

You won’t have much trouble finding tenants 

If you are struggling to fill an unfurnished property, the odds are that it’s an inconvenience to prospective tenants. The fact is, furnishing an apartment makes it far more attractive to potential renters, making is much easier to fill. 

Most of the rental apartments available at DD Property tend to be furnished and that is because they are far more attractive to prospective tenants as it saves time and effort for tourists and expats who are looking for temporary accommodations. 

You can attract a higher-quality tenant 

When you furnish a property you get to control the quality of the aesthetics and thus the type of person who will be likely to rent it. If you want to charge a premium and attract tenants who are far more likely to want to protect their deposit and take care of your property, then you can set the standard yourself by filling it with quality furniture that attracts such a demographic. 

It shows that you care 

While renting a property out unfurnished might be easier to do with fewer obligations and a smaller upfront investment; taking the time to furnish a property demonstrates to prospective tenants that you care for the property and wish for whoever rents it to feel at home. It’s a sign of good faith and it will buy you plenty of bonus points in the long run. 


To recap, by furnishing your rental properties you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Charge a higher monthly rent
  • Find tenants easier 
  • Attract a higher-quality tenant
  • Show people that you care about your property and their experience. 

Certainly, with more furniture in a property there are more things that can get damaged, however, your tenant’s security deposit can cover any potential damage. In any case, some quality home insurance can handle the rest. 


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