Who uses 3PL?

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rhys moult 7eaFIKeo1MQ unsplash 1

Over 90% of the Fortune 500 companies in the US use 3PL. Most big companies shipping their products to countries worldwide rely on 3PL services worldwide because of their experience transporting the finished products from the source to their final destination. Also, manufacturers needing raw materials from many countries ship them to their manufacturing facilities through 3PL companies. It is not only fortune 500, big and medium companies, but even small companies needing to deliver over 30 products a day using the best services of 3PL. Since logistics is the backbone of this digitalized and globalized world, most companies that use 3PL will use it sooner than later. Because they manage inventory effectively, handle & store efficiently, pick and pack flawlessly to deliver at the destinations quickly and safely.

Hence, check out the many sectors that use 3PL services to transport their goods from one place to another safely and fast.

What are the companies using 3PL?

Whether it may be pharmaceutical, health, electronic, ecommerce, etc., for receiving the products at the right time and even at the golden hour for health to save lives, because of its fast and safe deliveries on time, they are mostly used for all B2C or business to customers directly. Also, it serves B2B or business to business by supplying the raw materials from one business to another to make finished goods.   Hence ecommerce is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the 3PL services and is the significant cause of its rapid growth to over 4.2 trillion dollars globally in 2020. Also, from small to medium companies worldwide are using 3PL to take care of their logistics.   It helps them to focus more on their core business values like increasing their quality of products, productivity and marketing to reach the customers to outsmart their competitors. Since the design of the 3PL companies is to make most of the businesses effective, efficient and profitable many of the companies use 3PL services that include.

Fortune & big corporate companies

Fortune & big corporate companies use 3PL as they rely on it for shipping their finished goods outside of their country to reach many places worldwide. They want to avoid the tedious work of doing international shipping, huge expenditure for having separate departments in the manufactured country and many other exporting countries. Since the best 3PL services have enough experience and network in many countries, they want to use 3PL expertise to do all of it in the best and cost-effective way possible.

Medium-sized companies

Not only do big companies need the services of 3PL, but medium-sized companies with a need to deliver even less than 50 products are now using it. As their business grows, they need to increase their warehouse size to store the rising inventory. Also, with more inventory, they may need more warehouses and more personnel and trucks to transport their products. Hence they op for third-party logistics.

Ecommerce companies

Anyone can open an ecommerce site and start selling products. But with hard work and selling quality products in demand, their business may grow rapidly. Hence at one point, they need to source their products from far off places and deliver them to various locations breaking short and long geographical barriers. Hence, they start using the 3PL services to do it to grow exponentially.

Construction companies

Construction companies need a lot of material influxes into the sites like cement, sand, fixtures, and wood and need the best 3PL service.

Medical companies

For transporting medicines and life-saving drugs on time, many medical companies rely on 3PL services.

There are many other companies in many sectors like restaurants, manufacture, apparel, accessories, electronics, cosmetics and others that use 3PL services for having many benefits.


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