What is the difference between Old Digital Marketing & advance Digital Marketing?


We can search that digital marketing is all actions that use the internet or electronic devices to promote your product or brand. Currently, it is one of the main strategies to reach and relate to potential customers.

We already knew that the concept of marketing is related to driving the customer to purchase, in addition to satisfying their needs and wants.

By the way, we accepted that has time is a lot of change. Everyone using advance to advance technology, in this situation you can’t ignore because most of the world population is connected and the internet to buy.

In this situation, companies need to rethink how to attract customers.

That why digital marketing becomes very popular and this is the main way to reaching the public today. Its most efficient plan, since it is used to our channel already that the public used it. 

Such as when you saw one thing 100 times then you went to the market and buy any product you have automatically name this thing which is you saw and listen to 100 times. 

But those who think that digital marketing is limited to the computer this is his mistakes. They’re also a plan aimed at mobile phone users .such as targeted ads on Facebook.

The great advantage of digital marketing is that? Any business, regardless of the budget available, can start applying the strategies right now.

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How to Digital marketing came to us?

When first of all internet born market with the explosion in the 1990s, when personal computers and dial-up connections began to invade the homes of millions of people.

Alone with the first Explosion, came a search engine such as Yahoo, Cade, MSN, and Later Google Which today is the largest in the market. Along with search engines, e-mail domains came, where the first e-mail marketing campaigns (and spam) appeared.   

At that time, the technology was very limited and the pages are completely simple. The interaction between companies and customers was particles non-existent and which communication was created this is only one-sided. It was called web 10.

Around the 2003s. The number of internet users increased and technology became advance and digital marketing began to take shape. It was at this time that the first social networks appeared and Google gained space as a search tool. 

Whit more people connected, and companies  starting more invest in here and more in online advertising and the became new way of relating to the public 

The era of web 2.0 began, more participatory and centered on the interest of the audiences, which we live today 

What are Advance Digital Marketing and their advantage?  

Unlike traditional marketing, digital gives you permission for results to be measured and checked in almost real-time.

When you use to sell anything to  An ad in a newspaper, such as is it difficult to estimate how many people actually saw it and show paid attention and don’t become lead generation. On the other side, with advertisements on social networks and search engines, it is possible to measure practically all user actions, from those who saw them to those who actually completed an action.

You can see how to digital marketing is become a relationship between companies and customers. But why is this business plan important? What are the real benefits for your business in digital marketing?

  • More interactivity the audience 

One of the features that make digital marketing more and more adopted in relation to traditional media is the interactivity with the public that it offers.

A newspaper advertisement or a TV ad represents a one-way communication model. The brand conveys a message but does not establish a dialogue with the audience.

With digital channels, on the other side, the public is able to interact with brands, give opinions on products and services, and share content, all with a single touch. Digital marketing become two-way communication.

  • Allow you to absolutely target your audiences 

One of the biggest problems is that the traditional market is that there is no control over who is impacted by a campaign. It is possible that you can be running your brands with a TV station and newspaper then you target your audiences but this is a guarantee that these people will be interested in the product or services 

Thus you have a more accurate campaign and that real talks to the consumer. And when you are content with the right people and interest publics, the change that they will do business with you is much greater. 

  • Cost Save 

Have you stopped thinking about how much it costs to invest in an offline marketing strategy, such as a serial? Such as serial ads on TV or in a greater newspaper? Believe me, it is very expensive 

On the other hand digital marketing, just required fewer resources and professionals to be put your business into practice. Ads on social media, e.g requires just a fraction of the   investment of an offline strategy 

It is possible for the audiences with much more precision, resources are invested more efficient, reducing waste.

But the way to do digital marketing?

Well, because the internet may be a very wide universe and technology keeps evolving, there’s no single thanks to doing digital marketing.

In fact, there are dozens of digital marketing strategies and new tactics appear a day. However, all of them aim to strengthen a brand and strengthen the connection with the general public.

Below, you’ll see the foremost common strategies on the market:

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing, also called attraction marketing, aims to draw in people, arousing public interest within the products and brand services.

In this strategy, companies seek to know the pains and wishes of potential customers so as to supply more assertive solutions for his or her wants and wishes.

Unlike traditional marketing, where the buyer is passive and only receives the message, the other occurs in inbound. it’s the customer who seeks the corporate when he realizes he features a problem.

This strategy allows determining a channel of communication and relationship with the general public, creating a captive and constant audience. As a result, companies that back this strategy are ready to generate 54% more leads, consistent with WebDAM.com.

And with the web and digital tools, there are several ways to try this attraction process. the foremost common is that the production of content, that is, relevant information that helps to unravel problems.

This is what we call content marketing, which we’ll explain within the following topic:

Content Marketing

As we explained, one of the ways to arouse public interest in your brand is to supply relevant content and knowledge which will assist you to solve your problems. which is precisely the goal of content marketing.

But, for this, it’s essential to understand your persona well, which is the profile of your ideal client. This makes it easy to make more targeted content, which speaks to the audience’s pain. And, thus, generate more brand awareness for the brand, attract qualified traffic, and generate leads.

And to further increase the reach of those contents, it’s important to supply them on channels that the audience usually uses. There are several ways to try to do this and therefore the commonest are:


Creating and feeding a blog is that the commonest content marketing strategy and also one among the foremost interesting.

After all, the blog is an exclusive channel for your business, with none common interference in other channels. There, you’ll publish what you would like, once you want, and therefore the way you would like, with complete freedom over the content produced.

Having a blog still allows your brand to realize relevance on the network and win the highest positions in search engines. this provides more visibility and increases the probability of attracting new customers.

According to data from Hubspot, B2B companies that have a blog generate 67% more leads than companies that don’t.

Web-Site 2.0 

As much as your business already features a blog, you want to even have an institutional website.

This is because it functions because the home of the brand, gathering in one place the foremost relevant information about your business.

That way, when someone searches for information about you and your services, you’re more confident that your business is actually reliable.

In addition, the website can function as a channel where people can order your products and services, ask questions, and obtain in-tuned with you.

Social Networks

Another excellent channel for interacting, communicating with the general public, and offering quality content is social media.

You can not mention digital marketing without mentioning social media. That’s because these channels became extremely fashionable people. Especially here in Brazil, where 88% of the population uses these services.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter… additionally to interacting with one another, users of those channels also can approach their favorite brands, seeking information about their products and services.

So, a content marketing strategy that has social media management can help increase your business’s reach, visibility, and sales. consistent with the Ironpaper website, 93% of purchase decisions are directly influenced by social networks.

Video Marketing

Videos are getting the sort of content most requested and consumed by Internet users. And it is sensible since they’re easier to consume and understand than a text, for instance.

According to Google’s Video Viewers Survey, between 2014 and 2018, Internet video consumption grew by 135%, while TV only increased by 13%.

And with the technological advances of the last years, companies of any size can enter the universe of audiovisual production. due to this, several companies are depending on video marketing because of the basis of their digital marketing strategies.

In addition, the videos are quite versatile and fit into almost any marketing strategy. you’ll do video lessons, live streams, webinars, product demonstration videos, among other formats.

E-mail marketing

An E-mail has not died and therefore the proof of this is often the massive number of companies that use e-mail marketing to speak with the general public.

This strategy consists of sending e-mail messages to a contact list and maybe wont to strengthen the brand, promote products and services, communicate with potential customers, and sell.

And the numbers confirm the facility of that channel. consistent with data from Hubspot, businesses that use email marketing can generate up to 50% more qualified leads, with a far better chance of shopping for.

A great advantage of this sort of content is that it allows you to segment the lists and closely monitor data like reach, openness, and responses.

There is no point in creating incredible content if nobody on the web is in a position to seek out it. And it’s to form your brand more visible and credible on the network that SEO, or program Optimization, exists.

Search engine optimization aims to bring content to the highest positions in search results and thus attract organic traffic (that is, without paying for ads).

And why is that this important? Simple. Data from an online Marketing Ninjas survey on organic clicks on Google found that first place wins 21% of clicks, second 10%, and third 7%.

That is, it’s essential to back SEO to draw in organic and qualified traffic to your channels.

It works like this: search sites, like Google, classify online content consistent with its relevance to the user. So, SEO seeks to optimize these pages so as to point out search engines that your website or blog offers the simplest experience for the user and therefore the answers he seeks.

These optimizations are often divided into on-page (which are often performed within the page itself) and off-page (factors external to the page).

Paid Media

Don’t think that digital marketing is simply about trying to draw in organic traffic. it’s the main target of most of the shares since there’s no got to buy it.

However, there’s another sort of strategy that seeks to market content through advertisements: it’s paid media or online advertising.

The great advantage of online advertising over traditional advertising is that the possibility of segmenting the profile of the audience which will be reached by the ads (age, gender, education, location, etc.).

This ensures simpler and cost-effective campaigns, as initial investments are lower and return is bigger.

Finally, there are several ways to advertise on the web, like sponsored links, social media ads, remarketing, banners, and content promotion.

Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve got a product – be it digital or physical – or have many followers on social networks and private blog, you’ll enjoy affiliate marketing.

In this strategy, the Affiliate advertises the merchandise or service of an entrepreneur or company (called a Producer ) on his blog, website, or social networks. In return, you receive a commission for every sale made.

This model allows the Affiliate to monetize their online channels while offering Producers new channels of dissemination. And customers also get more channels to research products and make an assertive purchase decision.

There are several platforms that compile entrepreneurs curious about increasing sales with people willing to market products, like the Affiliate Program here at Hotmart.


One of the foremost important aspects of any digital marketing effort is conversion. That is, bringing users to the rock bottom of the brand and taking them to the bottom of the sales funnel.

The CRO strategy, or conversion optimization within the acronym in English, allows you to know where conversions aren’t being well explored on a blog or website, doing whatever is important to enhance conversion rates.

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