What Does Azure Training Actually Entail?


Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that is becoming a perfect alternative for Google Cloud and Amazon’s AWS cloud platforms. There are plenty of companies moving towards adopting Azure cloud services for taking their on-site servers and infrastructure on the cloud platform. This has resulted in a continuous increase of Microsoft Azure’s revenue from $880 million in 2015 to $13 billion by 2019. 

Is there a Demand of Azure in the market?

More than 95% of companies among the Fortune 500 companies are making use of cloud computing services in one way or the other. 80% of the Fortune 500 companies are utilizing Microsoft Azure services for fulfilling their cloud computing requirements. Various companies are shifting from AWS to Azure platform and this has increased the demand of certified professionals who can work with the Azure platform in the company.

Most of the companies that are working with smart homes, autonomous vehicles, supply chains, and logistics are migrating to the cloud infrastructure for enhancing the operational efficiency, gaining a competitive edge over the market, and also reducing infrastructure costs.

With the enhanced usage of cloud services and the Microsoft Azure platform, there is a huge demand for Azure certification in the market. Companies are looking forward to hiring professionals with Microsoft Azure certification so that they can help the organization with their in-depth cloud knowledge.

Where to start Learning Azure?

Microsoft Learning is considered to be the best place for getting theoretical as well as hands-on Azure certification training. You can even look out for the free courses that are made available on the Microsoft platform for practicing labs and get real-time experience for the same. These courses are designed to clear your fundamentals of Azure.

These self-paced labs are very helpful for the candidates to get clear with the fundamentals of the Azure platform. You can select a specific subject on the basis of your interest and advance further in that subject-matter path like Azure, GitHub, and many more. You can even filter out the courses based on tech roles like data analyst, AI engineer, sysadmin, and various others as per your interest.

Microsoft offers various courses, and if you are thinking about beginning your career in the Azure cloud domain, then the best starting point is to opt for the AZ-900 certification. This will clear all the fundamental concepts of the Azure platform. Other than that, you can opt for any other course that is being offered by Microsoft.

What is the Cost of Azure Training?

Microsoft provides learning providers along with semi-official boot camps for enhancing every candidate’s knowledge of Azure. The Azure certification cost varies as per the certification you opt for. For instance, if you opt for the AZ-900 certification, then the cost would be Rs. 3700 in India. AZ-900 is a fundamental level certification examination. 

The cost of Microsoft Azure certifications varies as per the certification that you opt for. The cost would also vary as per the type of training you take up. 

Study Materials to prepare for Azure

There are plenty of resources available online to prepare for any Azure certification. The details page of every certification examination consists of the full outline of the objectives that would be covered in that exam. It is advised to focus on one study resource and prepare accordingly after going through the objectives of the examination.

Let us have a look at some of the most used study materials and resources which are available for the candidates to enhance their knowledge.

  • On-Demand Training Courses

When you are preparing for Azure certification examinations, the best way is to go with the on-demand training video courses. The expert of the Azure platform will be explaining all the details to you, and this will make it very easy for you to understand the concepts. The best thing is that you can rewind, pause, and watch at your convenience.

  • Practice Examinations

Other than using the books, tutorials, and videos, the practice examinations turn out to be very useful. There are plenty of vendors offering practice tests before you take up the real certification exam. This will help you to get an idea about the areas where you need to improve and work harder. People often forget everything even if they have studied well when they sit in an examination. Such a scenario could be avoided by taking practice examinations and gaining confidence from it.

  • Free Resources

Other than utilizing the reference books and videos, there are various Azure training programs and courses available at free of cost in the market. If you surf through the internet, you would be able to find such free resources that can help you in preparing for the examination and get Azure certified with ease.

Do you wish to be fully prepared for your next job in the Azure domain? If yes, then you must consider taking up Azure certification and follow an appropriate path for successfully passing the examination. The demand for Azure certifications is consistently increasing thanks to the popularity of Azure services among enterprises. So, this is the right time to opt for it.


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