Ways to safely welcome employees back to the office

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As much as we love our work-from-home option right now, most of us are yearning to get back to the office. Not just because it gets the routine back into our lives but, it brings a sense of predictability in these unforeseeable times. The pandemic has changed how the industries functions anymore. 

It has given the comforts of our home to work from and changed how we perceive life in general. But let’s be honest for a second; most of us are having a hard time now working from home and want to get back to our old routine. More than working from home, it has become living at work. However, the situation is getting under control in some parts of the world. The companies are gearing to get some of their employees back to the offices.

And here are some tips that the companies can use while safely welcoming their employees back to their offices,

Welcome back email

It seems obvious and yet is very vital to send a welcome back email to the employees. With this email, you can communicate the necessary information to your employees. Let them know about the sanitization and safety precautions taken to ensure employee safety.

Also, take this opportunity to include all the updated policies that the employee has to be aware of. With the changing times, the system also is getting updated to ensure a smooth flow of work while maintaining the new health decorum. 

And, before you call all of your employees back to the offices, it is ideal that you take feedback from everyone to understand people’s curiosities. Many people might love to come back, yet many would prefer to stick to work-from-home opportunities due to their family commitments. Be sensitive towards such employees.

Get those contacts

Employees who work in the sales, marketing, and external communications department are facing a new concern. With all companies changing their workforce, most of the decision-makers have changed. Thus, leaving the employees with old contacts. You can use the email search tool to gather all the updated email contacts for bettering your business. 

One such email search platform is GetEmail.io. It is an AI-powered website with a massive database of all professional email contacts from all over the world. This tool can help you find anyone’s email address in just a matter of seconds,

So, you can use it to gather as many contacts as possible in just a matter of minutes that usually takes hours. GetEmail.io also comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account. So you can gather the email addresses of the profiles you search on this professional platform.

Safety kit on arrival

Employers need to take extra steps to ensure that employees feel safe while getting back to their physical workspaces. It includes providing them with safety kits and measures from the security department that guarantees dignity around the office.

Safety kits include masks, sanitizers at easy disposal, extra space for resting, air purifiers, etc. It gives the employee a sense of security while getting back to his/her cubicle. Encourage your employees at home to get vaccinated and gift goodies for the ones (who have decided to come to the office) who are vaccinated.

Conduct a seminar with a professional, who would talk about the pros and cons of returning to the office and ease people to get back without any hesitations. It will induce a healthy thought process for the employees and, will be educated about the things they were not aware of.

Additional communications

An employee wants nothing but to be felt safe and comfortable to work in the office space. A word of reassurances from the company leaders and seminars from the professional will ease out the complex thoughts and hesitations that the employee has. Provide extra support for the ones who are facing health issues due to Covid-19. A little empathy and assistance can go a long way in the corporate world.

Be considerate towards employees and get feedback from everyone before deciding to call everyone back to the offices. Getting everyone back on track is a task and a half in itself, especially in the current scenario. Get to know what each employee’s needs are and then plan the action accordingly.

Be patient with the ones who wish to choose to continue working from home. They might be facing issues with managing child care or adult care. By following the above steps, you will be able to maintain the smooth flow of transitions.


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