Value-Added Services Of Polycarbonate Sneeze Guard In The Market

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If you want to keep yourself and your employees protected from the surge of COVID viruses, then getting protective guards for your offices is a must. Nowadays, you get the chance to focus on the best materials, used for creating clear sneeze guards. The barrier will create the ultimate protection, which can keep you away from the coughs and colds of everyone else.

Make sure to focus on the ones, made using top-notch quality and that’s when you will come across polycarbonate sneeze guards in the market. Made using reliable polycarbonate raw materials, these guards are here to stay for a longer span of time. So, if you are in the market and looking for long lasting sneeze guard, then this one is probably the best choice you could make.

The specifications to focus at:

Whenever it is time to focus on the size of the guard glass, you have to think about the customers first. Typically, you want the barriers to be around 5 to 6 feet tall if it is standing on its own. You can opt for the shorter versions if you are placing the guards on any raised surface like counter.

  • Overall, the guard must be tall and wide enough to cover your entire self from everyone else. So, even if a customer is sanding closer to your window, you won’t get infected.
  • Now, in terms of materials, acrylic glass or the polycarbonate materials are the ones you should head towards. It is really impossible to damage these pieces. 
  • Some other manufacturers might be using tempered glass or Plexiglas for giving that glass-like feel to the guards. Among all the possible options, polycarbonate is the one with massive popularity base.
  • Polycarbonate materials are really hard to get scratches on. So, that will reduce the chances of bacteria nesting on those cracks. Moreover, you can get the glasses cleaned easily at the end of every working day.
  • Moreover, if compared to glass, polycarbonate ones are really very durable. The best part is that these barriers are light in weight, so making them easier to carry around with your different location shifts.
  • If that wasn’t enough, the polycarbonate protective barriers will offer greater resistance to some of the long term exposures to some major environmental elements. So, you will get some good protection from UV rays as well.
  • The strong characteristics will make polycarbonate materials to take on sharp impacts easily without being damaged. They can take on abrasive cleaning chemicals too.
  • Even if you or your customers lean on the barrier, that won’t cause it to break. 
  • From the manufacturer’s point of view, the polycarbonate materials are really very easy to route, drilled, formed, sawed and even bent without snapping or breaking the materials under stress or extreme pressure.

These polycarbonate sneeze guards have a rugged metal frame, which provides ultimate strength and durability. In case you are aiming for the stainless steel version of the frames, then you better get those cleaned up daily. In the end, you will be left with a clean and super soft safety guard, which is set for another day!


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