Types of pots one can keep to place plants

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Flowers and plants are always welcome at any house. In the city full of concrete and pollution; a touch of green in absolutely necessary.

Even if one does not have a provision to have a garden area in their house, they can always go for balcony and indoor plants in their house or apartments. One can look for stylish pots where they can keep the plants and water them every day so that they remain green and lively. There are varieties of plant pots available at gardening stores. One can also buy online plastic pots for plants.

Here are some variations that one can look for:

Plastic Flower Pots

This is a very common variety because plastic plant containers are contemporary in style and they also look very attractive. They also come in different styles, colours and shapes. The plastics that are mainly used to make these planters are polyurethane, resin and polyethylene. They are moulded in a single piece and so they become both light weight and unbreakable. One does not have to worry about the fading, denting and rusting of these pots. In fact, they are made in such a way that they need minimal watering and maintenance. They are available in vibrant colours and they are also environment friendly.

Terracotta Flower Pots

These flower pots are also common selection and they are good fit when one has a traditional interior decor. As the name suggests, terracotta material is used to make these pots and it is clay based ceramic. They do have a conventional orange/ red colour but sometimes they are also available in beige and brown depending on the colour of the clay which has been used. This material is considered to be tough, heavy and stable. But as they are heavy, they are difficult to move or install. But they are great when it comes to circulating water because the soil and air absorb the water easily and keep the plant healthy.

Wood Flower Pots

They can give the home some traditional touch. They can also be kept in the backyard or the terrace garden. One can use various kinds of woods in order to make these pots. One can customise their pots with the wood and the shape and style they want. The common choice of woods that one uses is cedar, redwood, cypress or pine. They are great for ecosystems and environment.

Metal Flower Pots

One can see these varieties more and more at houses now. They are not only diverse but they can fit into both contemporary and traditional house decor style. Metal pots can be easily kept indoors so that it can complement the other furniture in the room. The metals that one can choose from are iron, tin and copper. The expense can vary depending on the type of metal one is using. One has to apply a liner before placing a plant inside it.

One can always look for online plastic pots for plants because these sites have endless varieties.


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