Trump shakes up the campaign staff, demotes top manager Brad Parscale as polls show him behind Biden

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charles deluvio 9BXL Vn22Do unsplash

On Wednesday four months before the election day, President Donald Trump named a new campaign manager for his 2020 re-election bid to restart a campaign already underway after numerous defeats. The news comes when his Democrat opponent, former Vice-President Joe Biden, lags behind.

Trump said that he replaced Brad Parscale, the top campaign manager, on Facebook, and then on Twitter. He is taking over the veteran Republican campaign manager, Bill Stepien.

Stepien was the camp director both former governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, and worked as his deputy staff manager, but in the Bridgegate Scandal, which embroiled Christie, he was fired in 2014.

“These two have participated heavily in our historic 2016 win, and together I look forward to a nice, very critical second victory.” “It will be much simpler as surveys rise rapidly, the economy grows, vaccines and therapeutics are soon to come, and People continue to have healthy and secure streets and neighborhoods!”

A Republican official announced that Stepien was to be supported just 4 months before the general election, but by the announcement, Wednesday night some top campaign aids were picked up. Several NBC News indicated that they were not aware of the formalization of this change in recent hours.

Stepien was appointed deputy camp manager for Parscale in May, who for more than two years had been the campaign director but in recent months had been blamed for the lagging results of the poll. The campaign says it is going to continue it’s digital and data management activities.

According to the GOP official the shake-up was not addressed at the white house political meeting on Monday.

Parscale talked about selling tickets millions for Trump’s rally last month in Tulsa, Oklahoma which gave the President the smoking. The polls show Biden’s twin-figure lead on trump nationally, with 7 voters out of every 10 claiming that the country is in the wrong direction.

Polls claim that the Americans criticize the president’s handling of the 140.000 American coronaviruses, and of the police repression in anti-racist protests of race relations.

For a second term, Trump has strived to express a second term dream beyond the same, and a well-known campaign source says there has been a growing understanding that “he’ll not try” and that it seems that “her heart’s not inside.”

Parscale ‘s position has already decreased considerably in the last weeks, when a person close to the campaign said Stepien ‘s managing strategy, that Jason Miller took over messages and that Jeff DeWit was involved in financial management. Several aides had expected that Parscale would respect the top rank, or that he would be chairman instead of such a simple example.

Trump’s campaign has struggled to get to a message since it has been forced to give up its strategy, which focussed on how Trump treated the economy and saturated the nation with large rallies that were central to the funding and data gathering campaigns.


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