Tips to select the best hotel/resort in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur Rajasthan

Known as the first planned city of India, Jaipur is the largest city of Rajasthan state. The city is best known for its large forts, architectural wonders, and scenic places that attract tourists from all over the world. Also known as the pink city, Jaipur is a cultural city that consists of the best forts and Mahals that attract the attention of people from India as well as foreign tourists as well. The city is even lined up with luxurious hotels and resorts offering a comfortable and convenient stay to its guests. Fairmont is one such resort that is known for its world-class services. The hotel is an architectural perfection offering the best and most comfortable rooms. Moreover, the resort serves as a place for enjoying lavish weddings. There are various benefits of staying at the Fairmont Jaipur resort. Before selecting the hotel for its features and services, one must be aware of different aspects before choosing the perfect location for weddings and staycation. We have listed certain tips that can help in selecting the best resort in Jaipur and compare the same with the benefits of staying at Fairmont Jaipur resort

1. Best in class location:

The first and the most essential aspect to keep in mind before selecting the perfect hotel is to make sure the location of the hotel is best in class according to one’s liking. The location is considered to be the most essential aspect that defines a resort or a hotel. A scenic location that inspires and invigorates happy feelings in the heart of a person is considered to be the aptest one. A resort is characterized by both internal and external beauty which can be compounded exponentially through the nearby surroundings and scenic environment. 

Fairmont is situated in the backdrop of Aravali Hills that makes it one of the best locations that can think of staying for a vacation or wedding processions. The resort is characterized by its eye-catching location that offers peace and serenity to an individual.

2. Luxurious Rooms:

The next most important thing about a resort or a hotel is the type of rooms that a guest stays in. A high rated and luxurious hotel consists of spacious, imperial suites that offer a comfortable stay to its guests. The rooms are complete with all the necessary features and facilities that one can think of. A king-sized bed, comfortable and silky bed sheets, fluffy pillows and roomy bath areas, etc are certain facilities that one can find at the best hotels. 

Fairmont offers the best rooms that are spacious and have king-sized beds. The rooms make available a pool-sided view that makes your evening exciting and soothes your eyes. Rooms are completely air-conditioned and possess all the basic facilities that one can think of and may require like an electric kettle and amenities like soft drinks and water bottles etc. Free Wi-Fi facilities are also made available for the convenience of our customers. Large-sized bedrooms perfect for weddings are also available.

3. Cordial and professional services delivered by a dedicated staff:

A resort or a hotel is characterized by the services that it delivers to its customers. A professional world-class hotel offers the best services to its customers that can make their stay quite comfortable. Services like timely room keeping, food room order solutions, and other services make the stay quite hassle-free and worth remembering for guests. All the necessary amenities are delivered according to the needs of the clients for complete convenience. Moreover, a team of qualified, expert, and professional staff members deliver quality solutions with courteousness and politeness. 

Fairmont is a dedicated resort that offers all the necessary services under a single roof. Swimming pool areas, free Wi-Fi facilities, and other dedicated solutions are made available for the benefit of its guests. A team of professionals who make their services available round the clock for the benefit of the guests. Moreover dedicated areas and halls are also made available for lavish weddings and celebrations. Each and every aspect concerned with making available convenient solutions for the benefit of guests are taken care of. From the time of checking in till the day of checking out, guests are delivered with the best services that are unparalleled.

4. World-class cuisines and restaurants:

Apart from a world-class stay, a restaurant must deliver the best cuisine, drinks, and other items that can be savored by guests. A resort in Jaipur must make available cultural cuisines that can offer its guests a unique taste and flavor. Moreover, the dining space should deliver a welcoming vibe and offer the best dishes which offer a traditional taste to the guests. World cuisines that offer a great taste to foreign guests must also be made available.

Fairmont in Jaipur makes available the best cuisines that are known for their authentic taste and flavor. Dishes are prepared by professional chefs with expertise and served to guests by keeping their needs and taste. Traditional Rajasthani Thalis are offered to guests to give them a taste of Rajasthani flavor. One can even find world cuisines that are known for their taste, texture, and quality. Guests can even savor fine drinks at the lounge bars. Wedding processions can be carried out with complete skill and excellence.

5. Budget-friendly prices:

Apart from all the mentioned aspects, budget-friendly price is another important factor that one must keep in mind before selecting a dedicated resort. All the amenities must be made available that fits within the budget of the guests as well. 

Fairmont offers the best services and that too at affordable prices. Special packages are made available to guests that make their stay comfortable and fits easily fit their overall budget. 

These aspects make the selection of the best hotel in Jaipur or any other location quite convenient. Also, there are various benefits of staying at the Fairmont Jaipur resort that makes it the most perfect location for having a comfortable stay. A wedding procession can also be carried out with convenience and safety even in the present uncertain unsafe situation of COVID19.


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