The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Captain Marvel Costume

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 When Marvel studio decided to come up with a female superhero, it left Marvel super fans in awe and admiration and as expectedly, public in no time were banging the doors of costume shops, urging them to bring the costumes in the market. The recent Halloween season proved to be a fuel to the fire and so the demand reached another height, however, this costume of blue and red stripes apparently looks simple but is not exactly pocket friendly, retailing from 50 dollars minimum to a hefty price of 120 dollars that had rendered most of the fans belonging to working-class dismayed, to say the least. 

In a situation like this we have come up with an ultimate guide that might not make you look like an exact copy of the incredible Captain Marvel, but it will indeed make you want to fly in the air and quite possibly you will even be empowered to be brave. 

Captain Marvel Jacket

 To give your torso region some extraterritorial oomph, get yourself a high necked leather superhero jacket that hugs your body perfectly. The jacket should preferably be red and black and color, but just in case you don’t find a jacket that meets the specification do some improvisation with red or black jacket and appreciate the new version superhero you would come up with.

The Headpiece

As you know Captain Marvel although is an extraterritorial creature, she very much looks like a standard blond girl. If you already have blonde hair then bid goodbye to all your hair ties, for this the time to make them wave in an open-air, but if you do not have a luscious blonde hair, then hold no grudge, as blonde wigs are always in the market. With that said, you can also make yourself stand out as a brunette Captain Marvel.

The Pants

What is the one thing common among all the superheroes?

You guessed it right! Skintight Pants. Captain Marvel has long legs and she lets them accentuate by donning on a pair of leggings that strongly cling to her legs. So to give yourself an authentic superhero aura by getting leggings or skinny jeans. Put on some pants that compliment your jacket.

The shoes

One thing we can easily say is that Captain Marvel loves her lustrous tight fitted long boots the most, but getting something similar to fit your feet in is not only unnecessary but could potentially make your feet ache for weeks to come. Therefore, it is advised to rather go for the shoes that comforting so you could freely around Halloween. 

The Cape

This one is by far the easiest to have access to since, all you need is a red fabric that could mirror a scarf, small-sized curtain or a just a piece of cloth that you have been wondering what to make out of.

With the aforementioned tips, you can be the perfect Captian Marvel!


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