The Increasing Use and Functionality of Voice Assistants

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mark farias 4 f91Sk8tbk unsplash

In this 21st century, living without technology as a major part of your everyday routine is close to impossible, for instance from brewing your coffee in the mornings, to using a GPS system while you’re commuting to your workplace. Nowadays, even phones and GPS seem mediocre with the influx of multiple smart devices in the market – technology has truly revolutionized this decade.

Smart devices consist of multiple categories of their own that are able to connect to other smart devices which are easily available on the market and provide a useful, innovative switch from their previous more traditional models. Some Smart Home devices include the likes of Smart thermostats, smart bulbs and smart locks, just to name a few.

Voice Assistants: The Virtual Assistants for Your Home

Smart Speakers, more commonly referred to as Voice Assistant consist of well-known household names like the Amazon Echo featuring the infamous Alexa, and Google Home and Google Nest that come built-in with the Google Assistant. Already famous in the market, these devices provide in-home support by connecting and syncing with almost all other smart devices present in your home, and cater to your needs by providing hands-free help; as the name suggests, they work with a single voice command.

Revolutionary technology is here to stay and rather than shying away from it, accepting it and integrating it into our lives seems to be the best option. It might seem like a concept that’s still far away but AI communication is the future of technology and that is evident with the introduction of voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana and the Google Assistant.

Adapting to Voice Assistants

According to a survey conducted by Venture Beat, 57 percent of smart home users use their voice assistants multiple times, every day and 17.4 percent of them use them at least once throughout the day. Which makes up about 74.4 percent of users using it every day. This survey is reflective of how important, useful and second nature it has become to integrate and use smart home devices in our everyday lives.

Furthermore, the survey also addresses what feature users use the most – ranging from listening to music to asking about the weather, sports scores or general information. These command prompts can usually be made by your smartphones but these smart speakers with voice assistants are more convenient and easy to work with. You could be in the kitchen cooking, but let’s be honest: would you really want to grab your phone and search, or would it be much easier for you to simply ask your voice assistant what recipe video to play from YouTube on the TV, or dictate a particular recipe to you by a single voice prompt?

Top Google Smart Speakers Featuring Google Assistant 

Google lately entered the market with its own voice assistant called the Google Assistant. Here are 3 smart speakers that feature a built-in Google Assistant that is compatible with multiple smart devices you can find around a house.

1. Google Home Assistant Smart Speaker

The Google Home Smart Speaker provides an overall experience to users. From its ability to simply search for information such as the weather or sports updates, to playing music with its rich sound quality speaker – and managing your personal schedule as well as that of other smart home devices.

You can easily control smart devices around your home such as smart bulbs and smart thermostats; dim the lights or change temperatures with a simple ‘Hey Google’.

2. Google Nest Audio

Google Nest Audio compared to Google Home has features that focus more on its sound quality and bring you a good sound system experience. 

The Nest Audio provides the ultimate sound experience especially for listening to music. It has the ability to determine the environment and adjust the sound and bass level to match the room. The device can also provide some basic features like all smart speakers do, such as providing information through simple voice commands as well as being able to broadcast messages throughout the house to make it easier to connect with the family.

3. Nest Mini Smart Speaker

The wide range of variety available when it comes to voice assistant devices from Google, make it easier for users to choose according to their personal preference and usage. This is where the Mini Smart Speaker comes in. 

For users that might want great quality speakers to enjoy their music playlists, along with the functionality to use voice prompts to place calls when they can’t get to their phone or create reminders for themselves, and to connect to other smart home devices, the Nest Mini is the real deal. Since the Nest Mini provides a fraction of all the functionality present in the Google Home device and that too at an affordable rate, users can easily get this and enjoy the convenience and perks of having a voice assistant in their home.

So if this hasn’t convinced you enough to get a Voice Assistant for your home, then we don’t know what will. Whether or not you have any other smart devices installed around your home, it doesn’t matter because a Voice Assistant is still as useful as it is with smart devices around. It brings with it the convenience we didn’t know we were missing out on!

Now if you’re interested in checking out some voice assistants, head on over to First Energy Home’s website and check out their collection, along with some other useful smart home devices. 


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