Staying Accountable During Rehab: The 5 Benefits of 24/7 Help At A Drug Addiction Treatment Center

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There have been many cases of patients’ starting out on the recovery journey but failing to see it through and getting themselves interlocked in addiction again. The occasional relapses drag out longer for days and then before they know it, they seem to be back right where they started. 

What distinguishes between having success with the program or not is the consistency and help that is achieved throughout the process. Part of this is having a great system of accountability in place every step of the way. 

Accountability in recovery can be achieved through having surveillance in the addiction treatment center of your choice. Here are some benefits of 24/7 help being available at addiction treatment centers:

Withdrawal Symptoms And Detoxification Are Handled Better:

Withdrawal symptoms are unpleasant to go through and in some cases, they can be life-threatening if a patient is trying to go cold turkey. Some of these symptoms are anxiety, seizures, and depression. Having help around you from qualified medical practitioners helps to smooth the transition and manage the symptoms. 

The symptoms tend to begin as early as six hours after stopping the use of the drug lasting for up to ten days. Learn more some medications can help to ease the symptoms of the patient. 

Reduced Likelihood To Give In To Temptation:

The success rate for patients who are in supervised conditions is much higher. There are reduced triggers as compared to being away from supervision. The patient can also have an opportunity to speak with someone when the urges are overwhelming and don’t seem to go away.  

The assistance they get can also include finding constructive ways to deal with urges or deflect them into better use as compared to simply indulging themselves negatively. 

There Is A Sense Of Community And Togetherness:

As the patient continues to enjoy their time in the center, there is a bond that is continually formed with other colleagues and the staff. This will help the patient not feel as though they are battling the addiction on their own and instead have people they can lean on when they need to. The patient has an opportunity to talk about their struggles and have people understand them. These social resources are very integral to the recovery process as they will extend into groups that will support them beyond the rehabilitation centers.

There Is An Increased And Broad Access To Tools For Recovery:

Sometimes, there may be a need to change treatment options as time goes by as their effectiveness is not suitable for the patient. This will be made easier with the existence of help and structures that monitor the progress and growth of the individual. On top of the in-house benefits, the tools and techniques learned in school can help the patient once they leave the center and have urges or relapses.

The Services Given Are Customized To The Needs Of The Patient:

Since your medical provider is with you a lot of the time, it means that you get to have the best treatment for yourself. You also have time to focus on yourself and your needs and how best to meet them. You can fully concentrate on recovery and do what suits your healing and growth. There are also recommendations on the best therapy options and the diet changes to make for the patient.

Winning at the game of addiction recovery requires a supportive team that understands you and supports you. That is why it is important to do all you can do to get the best help and the best community. Consider having a center that has the kind of 24/7 support system that will help you achieve your recovery goals.


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