Should You Repair Or Replace A Faulty EV Charging Station?

Should You Repair Or Replace A Faulty EV Charging Station

Most electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are extremely reliable but, like all types of electrical equipment, they can develop faults. Whether you have a single charging point or you’re a business owner with multiple charging stations, it can be difficult to know what to do when something goes wrong. What’s the best strategy to take?

Is Your Charging Station Repairable?

If your EV charging station develops an issue, it could affect its performance in a variety of ways. You might notice that the power is cutting out, your vehicle is taking longer to charge, or your charging point is using more energy than usual. However, as charging stations are comprised of numerous components, it will be hard for most users to work out exactly where the issue lies. Therefore, it may be difficult you for to judge whether or not your station can be repaired and to estimate the potential costs involved.

Who Should You Turn To For Advice?

When you notice that your charging station isn’t working properly, contact a company that specialises in EV charge point repair. They’ll be able to identify the problem, tell you whether they can rectify it, and provide you with a quote for any work required. You can then weigh up the costs involved in repairing your charging station against those of buying a new one, and make an informed decision.

Repair & Replacement Costs

If your charging station can be repaired, the cost will depend upon the amount of work involved and the price of any replacement parts. Buying a new charge point could cost up to £1800, so it’s usually worth finding out whether repairing your existing facility would be a more cost-effective option. When comparing prices, however, make sure you take any government grants that you’d be able to get when buying a new charging station into account.

How to minimise the chances of faults developing

The phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’ is a cliché, but that’s because it’s often true – and it’s certainly the case here. Firstly, it’s crucial to buy high-quality charging stations from a reputable manufacturer and use an accredited electrical contractor to install them. Secondly, each EV charging point you own should be tested regularly by qualified experts, to ensure that it’s safe and performing to the highest standards.Your installer will affirm their appearance time with you ahead of time of the establishment. 

Your installer will assist you with picking the best situation for your charger dependent on your capacity flexibly and how you leave your vehicle. 

Your installer will right off the bat position and fix the charger by boring and cutting the link to the divider, at that point quickly turn off the force gracefully while introducing the RCBO and interfacing it to the fundamental flexibly. They’ll at that point do their last wellbeing tests and ensure your home charger is prepared to utilize. 

To limit hazard during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have acquainted measures with ensure you and your installer during the establishment itself. 

When your installer calls to affirm appearance time, they will likewise watch that the establishment can even now be named Lower Risk to ensure it is protected to continue. 

Your installer will notice improved cleanliness and social separating measures nearby (and will anticipate that you should do likewise). This may incorporate mentioning you to remain in a particular zone of the house while working inside or imparting over cell phone rather than vis-à-vis. 

To limit close contact, your installer will request that you send an email, affirming we have authorization to guarantee the OLEV EVHS award for your benefit (instead of an actual mark). 

To additionally limit close contact, rather than an in-person exhibition we will send you an email after the introduce with all you require to think about your Solo Smart Home Charger.

If you need advice about a faulty EV charging station, or Electrical Maintenance Contracts  please get in touch with us. We provide installation, testing, and repair services to a host of clients in the commercial and public sectors. We’re members of the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) and the National Inspection Council for Electrical Contractors (NICEC), and we’re also OLEV-registered EV charging station installers.


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