Prettiest place to visit in Britain

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Britain has the most popular destination in Europe. The country appears to attract millions of tourists a year because of its diverse destination and rich cultural heritage. A country rich in history and beauty is able to make a place on the bucket list of most of the tourists visiting Europe. The best place to visit in the UK includes everything from beautifully preserved country estates and castles to its many world-class galleries and museums.


London is all in one destination. Though it is possible to take a trip without visiting London, however, it is not recommended. London has plenty of attractive stuff to keep you busy. One of the most amazing destinations in London is the Town of London. Located beside Tower Bridge on the Banks of the River Thames, this formal place includes an iconic 1000-year-old white tower with its fascinating displays of armor and weaponry. This city isa must to visit the destination is Big Ben and the Parliament of Buildings. 


Cambridge is a small country that can be explored ina few days. Once you arrive in Cambridge, you may head straight to the Church of St Mary the Great to get incredible vistas over the city. However, you need to watch out for the bell as it makes its building shakes. Also,make sure you visit Kings College and the chapel that is incredible to see. In the chapel, you will see the graffiti from Oliver Cromwell’s army. And the amazing rood screen inside the chapel was gifted by Henry VIII to Anne Boylen, which is a striking feature in the chapel.


Oxford is a great place in Britain to visit and study. This city in Britain is also the best place to visit if you are on a long trip road. If your trip includes Oxford, make sure you visit Christ Church College. You will get an incredible environment when you visit Christ Church College.  Visit Thirsty Meeples in the city, which is a game café in the city. To get an amazing hotel experience, book into the stunning Malmaison, which is within the converted prison. Though Oxford has some amazing tourist spots, some people find Cambridge more fascinating. Visit Britain to find which city you like most.

Jurassic coast:

The Jurassic word itself is a fascinating word. The most amazing thing about the Jurassic coast is that you are allow to go for fossil hunting on the UNESCO protected coastline. The reason why Jurassic coast is good for fossil hunting is because the eroding cliff on this stretch of coast has been pushed up out of the seabed to create a land. Nowadays, the cliffs are slowly eroding, you will find ranges of fossils on the Jurassic coast.


Norfolk is great for gentle cycling, walking, or touring by car. Stately homes, ruined castles, medieval churches, and fascinating museums make enjoyable days out in Norfolk. Although this city gets less rain than other cities in Britain, northerly and easterly wind over the North Sea keep the temperature low. Even though the weather is cold, you can see dog walkers and hikers on the beach. If you like walking the road enjoying the weather, city, and that road, then Norfolk is definitely the right place for you to visit.


Cornwall has a magnificent coastline with 300 miles of dunes and cliffs, medieval harbors, and forested oak creeks. Such a beautiful coastline attracts any tourist in Britain. Cornwall is also an amazing artistic sport. The fantastic view in Cornwall has inspired many artists. Painter and sculptors of international renown come for the big skies and the intense light that turns the sea cerulean blue even in mid-winter. Cornwall is definitely a great place to visit in Britain for a person who enjoys natural beauty. 


When you visit Canterbury, you will soon realize why Britain is the most pretties place to visit in Europe. An easy train ride from Central London is the attractive factors that encourage tourist to visit Canterbury.  Canterbury has so many things to offer, from carved masonry of the exterior to a magnificent interior. And don’t forget to spend time wandering the pedestrianized area of Old City Canterbury with its many preserved timber-framed building. 


The insane beauty of Yorkshire attracts many tourists. Not only just tourists, but Yorkshire is also a favorite place for many painters. The amazing landscape of Yorkshire has inspired many generations of a painter from John Atkinson Grimshaw to Victorian artists. Moonscapes of John Atkinson Grimshaw and Yorkshire Wolds by David Hockney is a painting inspired by Yorkshire.  Millions of tourists just visit Britain to see the amazing view from Yorkshire. Not only this but the food and drinks in Britain also match tourists, so food is definitely not a problem when you visit Britain. 


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