Monsoon fruits and their health benefits


Mother nature has given us everything that we can fill our stomachs without falling ill. Each season brings a new challenge, opportunity and variety for us in all aspects. For example, summers bring an extremely hot temperature and cause a loss of water from the body. This is why we drink lots of water, juices and fluids to keep the water content in the body intact. Similarly in winter, the outside temperature is very low, in some places it goes below zero degrees. We wear woollen clothes to keep ourselves warm and develop the want to eat hot food items.

Looking at the various challenges of each season, various disorders and health issues attack people during each season. For example, in summers people get succumbed to heat strokes and fall unconsciously on the ground while walking. In monsoon due to the breeding season of most animals and water everywhere, mosquitoes, flies and such insects get more damaging during monsoon season. Hence, monsoon sees a spike in cases of dengue, malaria, chikungunya, infections, allergies etc. 

So, what can we do to tackle the specific problems of each season? Well, the first method is to take pills like Cenforce 100 and Fildena 100mg for each problem. But this method has the probability of side effects and being addicted to       pills. Another way is to take seasonal fruits, in this article we shall stress the fruits of monsoon and their health benefits. 


You may have heard about this fruit in TV advertisements for face wash and creams. We are talking about none other than peach. Peach is the storehouse of antioxidants, particles that fight against the free radicals. Thus, helping the body to fight against inflammation, joint pain and ageing activities. This is why you would see that peach has anti-ageing properties, which is true not only in peach but in any item that has antioxidants. 

Besides this, peach protects the skin from UV damage and increases the skin’s ability to absorb moisture. Thus, keeping the skin from getting dehydrated and dry. Peach also contains a significant amount of insoluble fibre that aids in smooth digestion. Hence, if you are facing constipation or unclear bowels you must eat lots of peaches. 


Pomegranate is one of the most consumed fruits in the monsoon. This is because of its extreme abundance in markets and its fame in the form of juice. You may not have heard of peach juice or cherry juice but any fruit whose juice is sold is more famous. This is because people like to have a sip of juice than eat raw fruits. 

Pomegranate is all red and contains punicalagin, anthocyanins, and hydrolysable tannins, these are some of the antioxidants present in it. Antioxidants are those bioactive compounds that safeguard the body from free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for early ageing, low metabolism weakness, inflammation etc. Pomegranate or its juice has benefits in treating kidney stones. People who had kidney stones in the initial stages were asked to consume pomegranate frequently. Later it was found they overcame the problem as the stones dissolved themselves and exited through urine and faeces. 


Another fruit that must be in your bowl during breakfast or in the evening is none other than litchi. Lichi is a rich source of Vitamin C, that strengthens the immune system of the body. Hence, if you are a person that is more prone to allergies, infections and much more must take litchi. And in today’s times when COVID-19 has tested our immune system, it becomes extremely important to always keep boosting it from succumbing to its symptoms. If you do not want to have its pulp then you can choose to drink litchi juice as well. 

Litchi is also beneficial in enhancing your facial glow. It heals the damage due to sunburn and provides a radiant glow.  For the same reason as peach, litchi extracts are included in some creams and facewashes. 


Cherry is another fruit that has multiple benefits and should definitely find wanted in your bowl. At first, cherry is a rich source of Vitamin C, so, if boosting the immune system is your aim then have cherries an insignificant amount. It also contains potassium which leads to effective transmission of electrical signals through nerves. Hence, it leads to quick reflexes, better memory, intelligence and creativity. Besides people with constipated stomach and bowel issues must also make way to have cherries due to their high fibre content. Other nutrients in cherry are magnesium, copper, manganese and Vitamin K. Cherry is a versatile fruit; you can consume it in many ways. Eat it raw, or mix it in pancake, or eat fruit cake with lots of cherries. Be it any form eat cherries or be ready to take Vidalista 20 mg from Powpills.


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