Liver Issues That Men Faces Often In 40s


Every phase of life is different from others and hence, requires a different approach to remain healthy and fit in that phase. This can be understood from the simple example of different seasons in a year and how we take steps to adapt ourselves in each season. For instance, during the harsh winter, we use woollen clothes and quilts to keep us warm. During the rainy season, we counter the problem of intense rain by going to our job using raincoats and umbrellas. And in summer, we wear light cotton clothes, drink lots of water and use air conditioning to beat the heat. 

Similarly, in we discuss health, each phase of life must be followed with a unique approach. For example, you cannot expect to run with the same intensity in your 40s as you did in your 20s. But without understanding this difference when people start doing such acts, they fall prey to harmful disorders and take pills like Fildena 150 and Cenforce 200. Not just running issues but the overall health status is different in the 40s and 20s. Hence, the probability of succumbing to disorders increases if proper precautions are not taken in the 40s. 

In this article, we shall throw light on the liver issues that men face often in 40s. We shall also talk about finding solutions and what can be done to prevent such liver issues. 

First, understand what makes the 40s different

The 40s is the part of life that can be well said as the transition phase. The 40s is the phase from which we transcend from adult life to old age. Hence, it is also the time when our immune system, bone and muscle strength, metabolism, digestive system, memory, intelligence and all aspects of health workers are at their best. Therefore, as get deep into the 40s these health aspects seem to be decreasing at a slow rate that one would not be able to recognize at the first glance. In the 40s you will encounter the issue of blurred vision, joint pain, liver malfunction, poor digestion, low stamina, etc. These symptoms may not feel much attentive but slowly such symptoms get common as you age and become part of your regular life. 

The 40s is the age when most of us are or will be at higher positions in our work. Hence, you will have several subordinates working under you. Whereas in your 30s or 20s you are hustling for 10 to 12 hours to create an impression on your boss. Hence, the mental space is also very different. 

Liver issues faced in the 40s by men

Liver cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis is one of the most common liver issues found in men in their 40s. It is the condition when some part or major party of the liver gets damaged. Liver cirrhosis is the permanent damage of the tissues and cells of the liver. Usually, if the liver is affected by any disease or malfunction it tries to repair itself either under the effect of medicine or by itself. But cirrhosis is the situation when the healthy liver tissues are completely or partially replaced by scarred or damaged tissues. So, any medication like Vidalista 40 and Vidalista 60 will not work in this case if liver cirrhosis of the last stage. 

The main reason for liver cirrhosis is the habit of men drinking alcoholic drinks without looking at the consequences. There is a dichotomy with alcohol, it is not harmful when taken in small quantities. In fact, this is a fact that in small quantities alcohol reduces stress, and anxiety and helps get better sleep. So, when does it become harmful?

It starts affecting the functioning of the liver only when drinking alcoholic beverages as if it is the end of the world. In large quantities of alcohol, develop a layer of fat in the liver. This is known as alcoholic fatty liver disease. This fat can be burned down by vigorous exercise but it is a sign that you are drinking excess alcohol. Hence, start controlling the consumption of alcohol after this to prevent liver cirrhosis. 


Another liver issue that troubles men in their 40s is a liver infection. The main cause of such infection is Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B virus. These viruses can reach the liver through contaminated food, water, semen or being in close contact with someone affected with the same virus. Sometimes, the immune system mistakenly attacks the tissues of the liver on the suspect of any virus and bacteria but actually, there is none. 

This is more common in men who eat junk food on a daily basis. This is the reason doctors, parents and our well-wishers always preferred home-cooked food over outside roadside foods. Such food items are the gateway through which we allow life-threatening viruses and bacteria to come into our bodies. Usually, our immune system successfully deals with most of such viruses but if the immune system is less effective such as today during the COVID-19 pandemic, the chance of infection in the liver is even more. 

Fatty liver

This fatty liver is different from the one we discussed earlier in which alcohol develops a layer of fat in the liver. Here, the layer of fat is developed due to the food we eat, hence it is known as non-alcoholic fatty liver. The reason for this type of fatty liver is regular or considerably higher consumption of high cholesterol items and sugar items. And unfortunately, today most of the food comes in this category. Due to high stressed working environment, no one has the time to choose healthy food for them. In less time the food men get is fast food, that is deep-fried and has lots of adulterated content contained in them. It may taste delicious but is harmful to your liver and overall body. The symptoms may not feel instantly but if you continue the consumption of such food items, then surely in the long run you will suffer from any liver issues.


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