Important Things You Need to Know About PC Spy Software

About PC Spy Software
About PC Spy Software

Are you an owner of a small or large company and want to confirm your team members are focusing on their duties rather than wasting time on non-work-related tasks? Are you thinking about investing your hard-earned money on PC spy software to track their activities? 

It’s accurate that when managers are away, employees purposefully waste time on company-owned gadgets. This act can dramatically lower their performance that could lead your organization to financial loss. 

There are countless causes why entrepreneurs decide to spy on their staff’s routines and actions with a monitoring application. Perhaps, they want to protect their customers’ and clients’ confidential data that is stored on the company’s systems, or they want to enhance their performance or want to check how they spend shift time when they are not around. 

There could be any reason to monitor them, but before deploying the spyware on their computers, make sure to read this guide to know some significant things about the PC monitoring tool to reap benefits out of it to the fullest. 

What Is PC Spy Software?

It’s difficult to know what employees are doing with your corporation’s systems, especially PCs. When you are not present in the office to see what’s occurring, things can rapidly go wrong. They can use them to explore inappropriate sites, share sensitive data with opponents, or waste time chatting with families on Skype. What will you do in that situation? 

We have the simplest answer for you. It is highly recommended to install computer spy software on all the devices to keep a check on their deeds secretly and remotely.  It’s an ultimate solution that is exclusively designed to empower bosses to supervise their team members. It offers all sorts of detecting tools that you may require to monitor them. 

You can record and view screen activities in real-time to know what they are doing on the PCs. You can restrict and block inappropriate sites to stop them from wasting time. With the app, you can create a data backup for all the important documents and files stored on your computers and laptops. 

By controlling their systems’ microphones, you can record and listen to what they are talking about and with whom. The recorded data will be uploaded to your dashboard, so you will be able to view it later. 

The greatest thing is that you can track any kind of computer or laptop from a remote locality. It allows you to perform stealth operations, so the targeted person won’t be able to know that he’s PC is being controlled. You can spy on all activities that happened on the windows or MAC PCs with accurate date and time stamps. 

The feeling of control and security that the computer surveillance app provides is unmatched. By deploying it on the company’s systems, you can identify loyal and dishonest employees. 

Key Features of PC Monitoring App

Monitor Instant Messengers

You can view the contents of leading instant messaging apps such as Skype, Facebook, and others. It allows you to view the deleted or hidden chats as well. 

Monitor Network Activity

It keeps an eye on all the computer network connections such as bandwidth usage and much more. 

Track Browser Activity

You can watch browsing history, saved bookmarks, and visited sites along with date and time. 

Shield Your Data

You can grab information about when a document or file was opened, modified, and where it was moved. 

Temper Controls

The software permits you to run it in visible or invisible mode according to your needs. 

Easy-to-view data

It allows you to see all the PC activities in your secure web control panel or download it on your mobile or computer. 


With this feature, you can acquire all keystrokes, search terms, notes, passwords, and more, entered on the systems. 

PC or Mac

You can effortlessly install it on Mac or PC because it is compatible with both operating systems. 

Read Emails

You can instantly read all the incoming and outgoing electronic mails with precise time and date schedules and contact information of the senders and recipients. 


To enhance your team’s performance and take your business to the new heights, get TheOneSpy PC Spy Software now.


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