Importance of feed industry


Our nation Nepal basically has an agriculture-based economy. Therefore, many people are involved in various types of agricultural and farming activities. Among various parts of the agriculture system, animal husbandry is also one of the most crucial and vital ones. People from all over the country are largely involved in livestock farming. Therefore, with so many people being involved in this sector, the need and importance of feed industry in Nepal is also very high.

As a matter of fact, animal feed plays a big role in the entire global food industry. It is through the use of animal feeds that will enable us to get the best quality and most economic animal products. Similarly, Nepal being an agricultural nation, this is just as true as in any other nation. Animal feeds are one of the biggest and most vital components to ensuring a safe, affordable, and abundant animal products and proteins. 

SB Group, being one of the top names among others in the feed industry in Nepal, also helps to manufacture and distribute the best quality feeds all over the country. Our Jio animal feed products are among the finest products you will get in the market. Similarly, SB Group has also made different types of feed available to the users. Looking at the consumer’s needs and demands, we have produced layer poultry feed, broiler poultry feed, and cattle feeds. 

Need of animal feed industry

Livestock farming, production, and consumption of animal products has been a source of economic as well as nutritional wellbeing of many Nepalese for ages. This is a fairly simple industry to get involved in although it has its own challenges. Above all, the benefits that one can reap from getting involved in livestock farming is also very great. With animal products being used for so many countless things, the opportunities in the feed industry is also endless.

However, to be able to get the most out of the animals, first of all they need to be given proper nutrition and make sure they are healthy. Only if we can ensure the well-being of our animals, the livestock farmers will also get good returns on profits as well as production.

Similarly, getting the animals healthy and happy is a big challenge in Nepal. Due to various circumstances, not many will be able to provide the needed nutrition and a proper diet. This is where animal feed comes in handy and the importance of feed industry in Nepal clearly visible.

Animal Feed

If you are wondering what supplements or animal feed actually is, it is simply the industrially manufactured feed that is given to the animals. In addition, these feeds are provided to the livestock in relatively smaller amounts along with their regular feeds. 

Since these sort of feed is commercially manufactured in industries, we ca also easily get them in our market. So, we can say that feed industry in Nepal has become a booming business in itself. Similarly, there are many different feed producers and their products in the market. However, if we want to get the best products and ensure health and happiness of our livestock, it is vital to get the products from the best feed industry in Nepal.

Similarly, animal feeds are also of different types and kinds. These vary with the animals and even the age of the livestock. So while choosing the feed, we should be careful about choosing the feed by keeping in mind our needs.

Two main products produced by feed industry in Nepal

As we have already mentioned above, livestock farming is a very popular field of work where many have indulged and invested in. Similarly, this field can also be further categorized according to the type of animals that are involved. 

In Nepal’s case, cattle farming and poultry farming are two of the most popular type of livestock farming. Similarly, looking at the demands, every feed industry in Nepal focuses mainly on producing feeds for cattle and poultry birds.

Being one of the top feed suppliers in Nepal, SB group also focuses producing and manufacturing the finest feeds for poultry birds and animals. Now, let us look in brief at the type of feeds that we produce and distribute all over the country.

Poultry Feed

Today, poultry farming has not become a popular business for no reason. It is also a very lucrative business that yields a lot of profits. Keeping these things in mind, we also decided to produce the feed that will help to boost every poultry business in the country.

In addition, we also produce different types of poultry feed depending on the needs of the birds. You can find different categories of layer and broiler poultry’s Jio feed products in the market. Therefore, the poultry farmers will be able to get every type of poultry feed they need.

Similarly, it is vital for all poultry businesses to offer the supplements to the birds. This is because the additives will help to provide all required nutrients. The feeds will also be categorized according to the nutritional needs of the birds depending on their age, sex, reproductive stage and production. 

Similarly, the feed intake of the poultry will also be improved by giving them feeds. In addition, we can provide the feed according to what purpose they are being raised. Thus, we can say that feed industry in Nepal plays a vital role in poultry business’s success.

Cattle Feed

Raising cattle has been an age old tradition in our country. This is popular in both domestic and commercial sector as the products from cattle farming is used everywhere. However, to get the best production, giving feed to the cattle can be the key. As the top feed industry in Nepal, SB Group also produces and distributes the finest cattle feed.

In a market where commercial cattle farming is constantly growing, the cattle themselves will give little production and market value if they don’t get proper nutrition and diet. Our Jio cattle feed has all the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and carbohydrates required for growth and success of your livestock farming.

Along with keeping them healthy, these supplements will also help to improve their feed efficiency, growth and promotes immunity. In conclusion, getting products from the feed industry in Nepal is a must if you are involved in livestock farming. Similarly, feel free to contact us anytime if you are in need of the best cattle and poultry feed.


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