How to Sell Online Courses Using Instagram

austin distel VvAcrVa56fc unsplash
austin distel VvAcrVa56fc unsplash

Social Media is a tool that connects people across the world. People today cannot even imagine a day without using social media. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Reddit, etc. are a part of people’s daily life. One such great social networking site that the millennials and Gen-Z truly love is Instagram. 

Instagram is more than sharing photos and videos. It is a great marketing tool. There are a lot of businesses that generate leads, sell products and even run their business on Instagram. As a content creator, you can also use it for selling courses, promoting your business and brand. Many online coaching centres, online educators use Instagram effectively for the same purpose 

Benefits of Selling Courses Using Instagram

  1. Microlearning 

Microlearning courses can be highly promoted on Instagram using the IGTV and reel feature of Instagram. You can introduce your course, give a little insight into it and list down the reasons why they should buy it from you along with the value that the course will add to them. You can also teach your learners through IGTV videos.

  1. Accessibility 

Every other individual today has an Instagram account. This means that your customers are easily accessible to you. You can promote your course and brand among them anytime.

  1. Engaging Discussion

You can have a conversation with potential customers using the messaging feature of the app. You can also engage in discussions with the posts that you make; the comment section connects all your potential customers. Your students can share their opinions about the courses and give feedback.

How to Sell Courses Using Instagram 

  1. Make Your Viewers Curious

If the Instagram users who come across your profile or view your courses do not get intrigued about your course, the chances of them buying your course is nil. You should be able to ignite curiosity among them by talking about your course in the most creative way. Be active and post high-quality content daily to gain followers and engage your learners.

  1. Interact with Your Followers 

You will have many competitors in the market. Creating brand awareness distinguishes you from your competitors. A great way to build brand awareness is through continuously interacting with your followers. Be active on Instagram and post daily or once every two days. Also, do not forget to add call-to-action at the end of the post. 

  1. Prioritize Your Followers 

Out of all your followers, there will be some who are active on your page. Prioritize such followers. You can ask them for their feedback, provide free trials or subscriptions for a few days. This will make them feel important and also make them likely to become your loyal customer.

  1. Create a Good Instagram Page

To get an advantage over your competitors, your Instagram profile must look nice. Write a good bio that defines your purpose of being on Instagram, or creating a course or about your company. Cover all \the necessary information however, do not overload it. Also, most importantly, add a link to your website.

Instagram is one of the most useful tools for an online business when used in the right way. Learn about how the Instagram algorithm works, run ads to promote your courses and attract customers. If you are into creating online courses, you should definitely use Instagram for your business. 


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