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In today’s fast pace world of advancement we are surrounded by new technologies that are launched each year so that our style can become easier and work can be further minimized in the best possible. Talking about the workload gives us the name of the most diversified industry that plays a vital role in booming the economy of the country and the name of that industry is ‘farming industry’.  Many sectors have now adopted latest technologies to step forward in the field of competition, farming industry is one of the well-known industry that has made the best of technology by launching the farm expense tracker in its farming sectors. Now the farm owners no need to worry and run behind the accountants for monitoring of farm expenses, farm owners and companies just need to sit back and relax while this tracker does all the recording and calculation work for them. Folio3 team came up with an idea of designing such a tracker for the farming sector so that their time can be save and they can view error free expense sheet every month. 

A detailed research was conducted by folio3 to provide the farming companies with what they desire so that their work load can be minimized and moreover chances of error to occur in recording of farm expenses can be diminished. Once the farm expense tracker was ready with all the lucrative features in it, the farming companies and farm owners were invited for the demo in which they were told about the benefits of this expense tracker and how it can enhance their business once deployed on their systems. The demo given by folio3 went successful and about fifty companies opted for deploying this tracker on their systems and see the difference, in about  two weeks’ time period the farming owners and the companies experienced a great difference in the maintenance and recording of their cash flow and expenses. Those expenses maintained by the accountant that took weeks to be displayed were just recorded in fraction of seconds by the expense tracker.

Best thing about farm expense tracker was that it was designed to be user friendly for anyone who uses it, secondly build in camera and latest features were designed so that the monetary recording can be done easily. The aim of folio3 was to groom the farming sector by improvising it after implementing technology gadgets in it so that the workflow can be simplified as much as possible. Many farming companies opted for deploying the expense tracker on their portals, in this it was easier for them to view and monitor the expenses of the farm that were done on daily, weekly or monthly basis. This expense tracker proved to be a proper medium reflecting the true and fair flow of cash without any hassle, folio3 team gave their day and night in designing and developing this expense tracker and their hard work paid off when the farming companies starting placing their orders for this expense tracker. Moreover, folio3 also kept its client updated by sending them monthly report of how they can make the tracker more effective and efficient. 

Those clients who were satisfied with the farm expense tracker shared their positive reviews on various social media platforms and also five star ratings, these ratings and reviews were not only limited to social media but they also praised folio3 for designing them such tremendous expense tracker that was of great blessing to them. This in return blessed folio3 with huge clientele that earned them large chunks of profits and enhanced their branding in agriculture sector. 


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