HOLIDAY GIFTS: 3 Mind-Blowing Cake Ideas to Bake for Your Loved Ones This Christmas

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‘Tis the season to be jolly! It’s a time to spread happiness and share sweetness. There’s nothing like the Holidays that bring families together, friends reunited and strangers kinder. It’s the most wonderful time of the year when it warms the heart to receive and even more to give. 

Surely, giving presents, exchanging cards and greeting cheers are peerless! The part of the Holidays when everyone can be more generous and thankful is not to be missed. The world’s annual Christmas celebration never gets old and outdated. It’s still something everybody looks forward to every year, always. 

For this year, have you already thought of what to give your loved ones as Christmas presents? Clothes, shoes, toys and gadgets are so nice, but do you want to make it more intimate and more extraordinary? Give them something out of your kitchen and oven! Bake them a cake! 

Check out this list of mind-blowing and luscious cake ideas that you can personally bake for your loved ones this Christmas! WARNING: Drool-worthy options coming through!  


Clothed with sophistication but called naked, this cake does exist, fortunately! 

Naked cakes are named so because of the minimalism attached to them. While the usual cakes everybody knows are full of thick icing, whipped cream or frosting on their exterior, naked cakes only have a bit or none. Cake layers, stuffings and fillings are obvious and exposed. They look simpler than others but the simplicity coated with elegance is incomparable!

The presentation of naked cakes is absolutely unspoilt and relaxing, thus, the reason why they suit any occasion, especially the Holidays! As the baker, the control is in your hands. Be as uniquely artistic as you can be while customizing your dear Christmas naked cakes for important people in your life! Bake and design your naked cake, and get your loved ones who will receive it gladly stunned!

One of the most satisfying and enjoyable segments of baking a naked cake is the limitless designing possibilities! What can you use to top it off with the Yuletide vibe? Fresh Christmas flowers will be the fashion! Fruits are for mouth-watering treats. Candy canes, sugar cookies, peppermint candies and other sweet desserts establish the youthful and colorful scene! Almonds, Macadamias, cashews and chestnuts are healthy and classy! 

You can even make a tiered naked cake featuring a Christmas village on every line! Eat and enjoy at home with your loved ones or have them at the center table of your family reunions. Christmas naked cakes are a top-notch pick you wouldn’t resist!


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Also known by the name “Bûche de Noël”, the Yule Log Cake is a Christmas dessert created out of notable tradition. Switzerland, Belgium, Syria, Canada and the United Kingdom are just some of the French-colonized countries that serve the Yule Log Cake. 

In history, families burn yule logs on Christmas Eve to welcome the incoming fresh year and magnetize good luck. Its narrative dates back to the 19th century. Giving such a gift is not only fabulous but also remarkable. 

Basically, this cake is made to imitate a log. It is served with one end chopped off to really show that it mimics a cut-off piece of log. Interestingly, the texture of the Yule Log Cake is also following the tree trunk feel by forming lines over the icing and sprinkling sugar bits to simulate snow. If you want to create a more realistic log, add edible flowers, leaves, berries and cookie sticks as branches. Coffee and chocolate are the most common flavors.

If you give this to your loved ones coming from countries where Yule Log Cakes are celebrated, they will certainly be amazed and grateful! As these desserts are not only for decoration but for important commemoration, they are undeniably gifts from the heart.


Bewitching and astounding enough to see it, how much more to take a bite of it! A Christmas jelly cake that’s out of the conventional will surely make your gift an unforgettable one in any year!

An upgraded take on delightful and delicious cakes, jelly cakes are grabbing the spotlight in many cake and pastry stores. Even social networking websites with video content sharing is home for the fame of these stupendous cakes!

Jelly cakes are distinct and adored for the whimsical designs made to them and for the processes they undergo before they become dazzlers! Their 3-dimensional features make them a cut above the rest!

Creating your Christmas jelly cake, you won’t need all-purpose flour, cake flour, bakers flour and any other flour for baking the typical cakes all know! You need the prime star called gelatin. Other ingredients include hot water, sugar and flavoring; the rest may depend on your style. Gelatin art is what makes jelly cakes wowing! By injecting a colorful base into clear gelatin, you can make 3D Christmas trees, flowers, ornaments, reindeers, Santa and more inside your Noel jelly cake!  

What’s surprising is that most people are not aware of jelly cakes’ health benefits that come from their main ingredient which is gelatin. Jelly advances digestion because of its abundant water substance. It enables vitamin and mineral absorption to go smoothly. Rich in protein, it boosts skin regeneration, thus, wound healing is accelerated. Because gelatin has no sugar content in itself, it is a healthy option. These and many more are reasons why jelly cakes are not only visually admirable but also good for one’s health.

This Holiday season, it is definitely heartwarming to give your loved ones these gorgeous cakes while knowing they are also nutritious and invigorating! 



Cakes make celebrations lovelier and merrier! They are delicious and significant in every occasion, and this Christmas season is complete with a tasty kuchen coming from your kitchen! Don’t hesitate to let your loved ones feel more loved with these Holiday gifts full of scrumptiousness and warm-heartedness. Baked with Yuletide greetings, cakes are even more adorable and lush! 



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