Guide Of Earseekers And The Strategies Of Family Fighter

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We’ll start with a fast strat for everyday world questing, then go through family specific teams for doing the Family Fighter Achievement. Earseeker lives here in the Antoran Wastes. I don’t know why he’s seeking Ears but I’d love to find out. First up, the fast strat. This also doubles as the Dragonkin strat. In your first slot choose a sacrificial dragon, doesn’t matter what it is, could be level one. In the second slot bring a Nexus or a Storm borne Whelpling with Arcane Storm and Mana Surge. 

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You could use another of those in the third slot or a Chrominius with Surge of Power will do fine also, and you might not even need the third. Start with your sacrificial pet and feel a little guilty as it gets horribly destroyed. Once that tragedy’s over, bring in the whelp, arcane storm, then mana surge. You get two free rounds to just lay into him after Antaen Cannon which is only fair after what he did to our buddy. If you have a less optimal breed of help you might need one more smack from the third pet but either way we’re good. 

Next we’ll do Aquatic. In the first slot grab any pet with Surge, in the second slot a Moonshell Crab with Arcane Slash, Shell Shield and Moon Tears and third is an Emerald Turtle with Emerald Bite and Shell Shield. Start the fight and use Surge because after that your first pet is literal toast. Bring in Mr Moonshell, lay down a Moon Tears then Armor up with Shell Shield. After that, Arcane Slash four times then reapply Moon Tears. At that point the Cannon comes out and the nit’s turtle time. 

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Use Emerald Bite, then a Shell Shield for safety, then just mash your Emerald Bite to win the battle. That brings us to Critters. I’ve got my Sneaky Marmot with Jab, Blinding Powder and Smoke Bomb and then two snails with Ooze Touch and Shell Shield. Starting with the Marmot, use Smoke Bomb. After dodging the danger, switch in a snail. Use a Shell Shield then go in spamming your Ooze Touch button until your snail dies. Bring the marmot Back and Smoke Bomb to once again avoid the cannon.

Bring in your other snail and do exactly the same thing. Shell Shield then mash ooze touch until you’re all out of ooze. That takes us almost all the way there. Could probably just jab him but for fun I’lluse blinding powder to make him miss his cannon and THEN jab him to death. Next we’ll do Elemental. I’ve got my Jade  fire Spirit set up with Jade Claw and Fade, and then the tainted and fetid wave lings both with Ooze Touch. Starting with the Spirit use Fade, which scoots you out of the way and brings out a random wave ling. 

They’re both the same so it really doesn’t matter which. Apply your finger to the Ooze Touch button and wiggle it profically. That’s your only job. That should get him well below half health. Bring in the second wave ling, continue ooze touching and Waveling 2 eats that cannon. At that point the Jade fire Spirit can just mash Jade Claw and handily finish the fight. If there’s a lot of health left on Earseeker you can throw up an Emerald Presence but otherwise just Claw away. 

Next up we’ve got Humanoid. I’m using my faithful old Anubisath Idol with Crush, Stone skin and Deflection which is also known as the Usual. In slot 2 I’ve got the good ol’ Kun-lai runt with his usual which is Takedown, Frost Shock and Deep Freeze and third just any pet with Gift of Winter’s Veil. Starting with the Idol use Deflection, followed by Crush and then Stoneskin. Then use Crush a total of Four times, reapply Stone skin then use Deflection to avoid the second Cannon. 

After that go back to spamming Crush until your Idol dies, which takes used pretty far through Earseeker’s health bar. Bring in the Runt, go Frost Shock, then Deep Freeze, then mash Takedown for as long as it lets you. To wrap things up, just chuck a nice Gift  of Winter’s Veil at him. That’ll do it. That brings us to Mechanical. In slot 1, bring a pet with Explode. I’m using a Black fuse Bombling because ofhis generous health pool but a zeppelin will do fine. In Slot two I’ve got my Pocket Cannon with Arcane Shot and Explode. 

I didn’t need a third pet but if you’re nervous a pet with magic damage like a Sun reaver Micro-sentry or Rascal Bot will be good, or even something with Ion Cannon. Starting with the Bombling, we’ll press Explode. Probably could have zapped him once first  but eh. Swing in the Pocket Cannon and press Arcane Shot four times for a total of two shots. Then use Explode and that should more than do it. Next up we’ve got Beast. 

I’m using a Scalded Basilisk with Bite and Feign Death, a Thaumaturgical Piglet with Ooze Touch and Arcane Dash, and then a Voidstalker or similar void lizard with Blink strike. You could probably swing this with a pair of Zandalari raptors behind the basilisk but I like my purple piggy. Start with the Basilisk and use Feign Death to dodge the scary cannon. That should pull in your Piglet. Use ooze touch, then Arcane Dash, then spam Ooze Touch for the remainder of your Piglet’s lifespan. 

Next bring in the Lizard and you should be able to Blink strike twice before losing him to the Cannon. The Basilisk comes back in and two or three Bites should finish the job. Next up is Flying. I’ve got my Sentinel’s Companion with Dark Talon, Soul rush and Ethereal, an Ikky with Black Claw and Flock and a Royal Peachick with Arcane Storm and Feign Death. The Peachick could be swapped for another feign death bird such as Chi Chi or the Pterrordax Hatchling. 

Start with the Sentinel’s Companion and use Ethereal to dodge the cannon. Then use Dark Talon twice, then Soulrush, then back to Dark Talon-ing. The reason we wait on Soul rush is just in case we do stun him, there’s no sense in stunning him while he’s still recovering. After the owl dies bring in the Feign death bird. I’ve got one round until Cannon so I’ll use Arcane Storm and then Feign Death. A cool down Tracker like the Pet Tracker that  you see here is really nice to make sure you don’t miscount the cannon cooldown. 

Feign Death brought out Ikky, so a quick Black Claw and Flock will wrap things up nicely. Next we’ll do Magic. This is an easy family for this guy and there’sa lot of ways to do it. For simplicity’s sake, I’m using Triple Mana Wyrms with Feedback and Deflection. I’m only really gonna need two of them. Start with Deflection, then spam Feedback. It’s quite straightforward. Always use deflection to avoid cannon and otherwise just glue your finger to the Feedback button. 

Works good. Last we’ll do Undead. I’ve got my little Ghastly Kid set up with Ethereal, and then any two Fragment emoji pets with Spirit fire Bolt and Soulrush. I was gonna mess around with trying to Reflective Shield an Antaen Cannon but it’s just unnecessary. 

Start with the Ghastly kid and use Ethereal. Then switch to either fragment. Use Soul rush, then Spirit fire Bolt until Soul rush is back up and use it one more time. After Fragment 1 dies bring back the goat, Ethereal to avoid the second cannon and then swap to your other fragment. Soulrush then back to mashing Spirit fire and he should be handily vanquished.


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