Get A Reliable Painter in Gold Coast For Popcorn Ceiling Removal

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Prior to the 80’s many homes had popcorn textured ceilings. But today that look is outdated so you may want to update your home. It is important to know how to choose a popcorn ceiling removal expert in Gold Coast. Ask every contractor you’re looking forward to hiring these questions. How they answer them will help you understand if they are the correct contractor for your needs. These questions will also keep you from being scammed or ripped off.

  • Do I need to test my home for lead? Any reputable contractor will know homes built prior to the 80’s may contain hazardous lead. If a contractor tells you it’s not necessary to test your home, look for someone else to do your popcorn ceiling removing job. Ask if they are “Lead Safe Certified” and ask them to show their certification to get ensured.
  • Is it necessary to hire a contractor or can I save money by doing the work myself? You may be capable of doing the work yourself but an expert and trained contractor can have the knowledge and equipment to do the task quickly, properly and without harm to the rest of your home or any furniture. Also, since asbestos had been previously used, they’ll know how to test the popcorn ceiling chemical, remove it thoroughly and safely.
  • Will painted popcorn ceilings cause a problem? It will be difficult to get rid of popcorn ceilings that are painted. If the contractor tells you otherwise, you’ll want to find another popcorn ceiling removing contractor.
  • Will there be a huge mess in the home after the ceiling is removed? You can expect your home could also be messy throughout the popcorn ceiling removal process. But, a contractor who knows what they are doing and has a good reputation will cover everything in the room they are working in to ensure nothing in your home is damaged or will be messy. You may realize that your house looks better after the removal is complete than it did before they started.
  • Do I have to shift the furniture from my building? Popcorn ceiling removal contractors will do everything to protect your home stuff. They may ask you to remove small electronics or items before work begins but generally the furniture can remain in place because they cover them very well so you no need to be bothered for that.
  • How long will it take? Contractors will be able to give you a better estimate of how long the work will run. This will depend on the size of the house, height of the ceiling and where the work is to be done. Other factors may also affect how long removal will take.

How can I be sure the popcorn ceiling removal expert painter in Gold Coast is going to do the best job? The only way to ensure this is research and proper website visit. With the help of this you can understand that contractors will provide you with satisfying services or not. Check with the better business bureau to check if the company has any complaints against them. You can also ask friends or family or people who have had similar work done who they used and if they were happy with the work. You’ll also want to choose a company which is licensed, insured and bonded so you’re confident the work will be done properly and potential damage will be covered should it happen.

Get the best and a reliable painter for popcorn ceiling removal in Gold Coast and rest assured of safe and quality work.


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