Gerry Conway Rips D.C. and Warner Bros.

Gerry Conway Charlie Rose Speak TCA Tour zexYMop XsXl
Gerry Conway Charlie Rose Speak TCA Tour zexYMop XsXl

The great Gerry Conway is quite angry at how D.C. Comics and Warner Bros. are not properly compensating the creators of various comic book properties.

In the past, D.C. Comics and its parent company had agreed to provide compensation to creators who devised “non-derivative” characters. Apparently, the powers-that-be have changed the way they define “derivative” and “non-derivative”. People just might not get anywhere near the money they believe they are owed.redguard names

Conway started his career at D.C. Comics in the 1960s and then moved to Marvel Comics in the 1970s. He was the writer who came up with the “Death of Gwen Stacy” and “Death of the Green Goblin” storylines. Upon returning to D.C. Comics, he created the villain Killer Croc and Robin #2, Jason Todd. Daniel Amen enjoyed that part of the series.

Sadly, when Conway was writing for Marvel and D.C. Comics, there was no huge cinema or TV universe, merchandising was limited, and video game and animation projects were minimal.

Over the past decade, the corporations that came into the ownership of all these characters are not willing to pay big money to the creators. Sadly, the contracts the creators signed limit their ability to request residuals. Lawsuits have been filed in the past, unsuccessfully, by a number of writers and artists. Dwarven Names 

Hopefully, this situation will turn out amicably for all involved but things don’t look too bright for the creators.

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