Everything You Need To Know About Video Platforms

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There are many reasons you might want to make videos. You may need them for your marketing or other personal reasons. Whichever the reason, you need to know how to make great videos that will help you achieve the bottom line. An important part of making good videos is by choosing the best video platform.

This guide has everything you are supposed to know about video platforms.


YouTube is currently the best Video Platform you can ever find on the market. Besides being free, the platform has a very user-friendly interface. YouTube has been around for more than 15 years and grows in size by the day.

Users can either upload or watch YouTube videos free of charge. With YouTube videos, you can get amazing ads from which you can earn money. Based on what you would like to use your videos for, you can come up with a robust presence for your online brand.

Before you can start earning, there is a threshold you are supposed to meet. Be sure to check out YouTube terms for more information. Though the terms are subject to change, you are obligated to meet the current ones.


Facebook is currently the largest social media network. If you have some videos to share with friends and followers, you can upload them directly to this platform. Your videos will then go live immediately, and you will not be charged a dime.

By uploading your videos on Facebook, you will have an opportunity to earn income by integrating brands into your videos. Note that today, many individuals and brands find Facebook’s auto-play feature helpful.

The feature is one of the most creative ways to attract as many visitors to watch longer videos. Remember, if you want your Facebook videos to appear on News Feed, you want to make them a little bit longer. Facebook believes such videos will give its users the best experience.


If you are the sort of person that likes to share short stories to build their brand, then Snapchat is for you. Some people also use Snapchat for their creative projects, and they have never been disappointed.

Snapchat is currently one of the best social media platforms with the right features to take your brand a notch higher. Some of its features let you broadcast to your followers without spending an arm and a leg.

Note that the snaps are limited to ten seconds, so you have to up your creativity game. Some users have mastered the art of combining different videos and images to get the message across.

Video Platforms 1626764043

You also need to know that videos shared on Snapchat will disappear in 24 hours. This is the one feature that makes Snapchat a great marketing and video-sharing platform.

Instagram and Vine

If you think that short videos are the best way to take your brand to higher levels, aside from Snapchat, you want to try Vine and Instagram. Instagram limits videos to a maximum of 15 seconds, while you can only do 6 seconds on Vine.

The two services share a lot of things in common, but they also have some important differences. For example, Vine videos will loop the way automated GIFs do, while Instagram videos don’t. You should also note that the two platforms are aimed at mobile phone users. Therefore, your clips should be easy to view from mobile devices.

Twitter and LinkedIn

Twitter serves like a microblog. Twitter also enables users to share some videos that they can use to market their brands. Thus, if you feel your audience is on Twitter, then feel free to create some short clips and upload them.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a professional platform that helps people look for jobs. Professionals also use the site to post job opportunities. You can also share some short clips on LinkedIn for your network to see.

Twitter and LinkedIn share some common similarities, but they also have differences you need to be aware of.

Closing Thoughts

The platforms listed above are currently the best in the entire market. However, there are more platforms you might want to give a try. If you feel that they have the features you are looking for, go ahead and give them a try. But if you have any questions, leave us a comment below, and we will share more details.


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