Enjoy Theatre-Like Experience and Watch Your Favourite Movies with These Brand New TVs


Go to the market inquiring about some of the best TVs available today, and you will face a deluge of information about the new range of smart TVs available both online and offline at best prices in India. The flat, bulky screens are now replaced with sleek, high-end TVs that allow you to immerse yourself in the world of cinema effortlessly. 

With festival offers already in place, you can browse through e-commerce portals for top deals on smart and Android TVs. A brand-new TV may cost more than the existing old-fashioned one, but is worth the price considering the theatre-like experience it offers to truly enjoy your favourite movies.

Nothing but the Best 

With new technologies and features promising an unparalleled viewing experience, it is obvious for many buyers to expect nothing but the best. Be it the OnePlus Smart LED TV or the Samsung Full HD TV that competes with Sharp Full HD LED TV, or the CloudWalker TVs that boast of 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Screen, options are plenty for interested buyers. 

For example, the Mi TV price that ranges between Rs. 18,000 and Rs 30,000 promises similar features, albeit at a lower price range, thus making it more affordable and desirable.

Every year with new features getting added, and shapes of screens being modified to suit customer taste and preference while lending them the added benefit of peripheral vision, one cannot help imagine how technology is fast erasing the space between the reel and real. The realistic on-screen picture quality ensures that we enjoy amazing images and videos with astonishing sound quality.

Immersing in the World of TVs 

Be it news programmes or fictional shows, everyone enjoys a good picture on-screen. Undeniably, this is the first prerogative while choosing a new TV and paying for it. While there is no hard-and-fast formula to selecting the best TV from the range of brand-new TVs infiltrating the market, one can opt by looking at TV systems with a wide range of colours. 

Size is another factor that one must not forget. While the big screens lend a memorable theatre-like experience of watching movies, especially action sequences and science fiction movies, it may be an odd presence in a small room while making it prone to damage. Besides, not all rooms in modern accommodations are of great height, which means that both the width and height of the TV screen must be considered before assenting to the purchase. 

Check out for Google Assistant and Alexa connectivity. This will save you the futile attempts to type out movie titles on your remote for your favourite programmes. Just switch on the mic of your remote to reveal your choice of movie or programme, and let the technology do the job of transporting you to the reel world. 

Unwanted glare on your screen can mar the experience of watching your favourite programme. Buy a best TV with a smart processor that automatically adjusts the screen colour and brightness to match the glare coming from outside. 

This Diwali, buy a brand-new TV that you can share with your friends and family as your most prized possession. After all, one does not pay for a TV every day.


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