Earn Monthly Interest On Your Crypto Currencies From KuCoin


Crypto trading is a risky business as the cryptocurrency market is highly unpredictable. There is always a risk of losing your investment if you do not trade carefully. One major reason is the 24-hour active market in which crypto prices can rise or fall at any time. kuCoin is the best platform for crypto trading as it prevents the user from facing unexpected falls and can liquefy the assets to save you from complete loss. 

Very few crypto trading platforms provide the earning opportunities as KuCoin. It provides multiple ways so that users can earn a risk-free income in the crypto business. Crypto lending is one of the most popular earning programs by KuCoin, by which you can earn monthly interest without any effort. This article will teach how to Earn Monthly Interest On Your Cryptocurrencies From KuCoin.

How To Lend Cryptos To Earn Interest

The process of lending your cryptos to earn interest is very easy. You have to go to the main page of KuCoin, then go to the earn tab and select crypto lending. It will open a new page in which you can select the coin from the left. In the middle portion, you can select the lending period, lending amount, and lending interests. In the rightmost column, you will see the open order that will help you select the interest rate on your lending amount.

There are two ways by which you can lend your amount. The first is the normal lend, and the second is auto lend. Normal lending is fairly simple, and you can customize everything in that. The automatic lending feature is designed for long-term investors and automatically lends all the amount you wish at the best rates. You can select the minimum daily rate and enter the reserved amount. Any amount other than the reserved amount will automatically be lent, and you will keep earning the interest until you turn it off.

What Types Of Crypto Should Lend?

You can lend any cryptos you want, but it is recommended to lend the KCS or USDT. Because the USDT and KCS prices are pretty stable and always go up. If you lend the bitcoin for 28 days, there are high chances that it falls in that period, and you can not withdraw the coin before the end of the term. This can cause huge losses as crypto is highly unpredictable.

Crypto Lending Is One Of The Main Reason For KuCoin Success

Kucoin lending feature is a perfect choice for crypto holders who want to increase their amount but do not want to take any risk. It provides endless opportunities to new investors who are short on funds and need the coins for margin or futures trading. 


The KuCoin crypto lending feature is among the platform’s most popular features. It provides the advantage of increasing the income without risk with just a few clicks. The holders can lend out their assets to automatically increase them. On the other hand, it also facilitates new users who want to invest but are short on funds. It is completely secure and is a win-win situation for both the lender and the borrower.


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