Create, Recreate, and Experiment with Any Look When You Have a Versatile Men’s Hat in Your Wardrobe!

mitch walker AsOhqrNB4gc unsplash
mitch walker AsOhqrNB4gc unsplash

Men’s clothing is a lot like fashion trends. Every year, new things happen to the industry, and suddenly, some of your favorite things become outdated. Although this risk is more with women’s fashion, one great way to look fresh every day is to buy quality pieces that will never go out of style. Take, for example, hats; men need wide brim hats and other assorted items that help them look fantastic, something that will not be easy to forget once embraced. If you’re looking for must-have wardrobe basics that won’t break the bank but still manage to look great two years from now, fill your wardrobe with two or three wide brim hats and other necessary items as hinted below.

An effortless casual style 

Choosing outfits might not be the most daunting task, but you may look for inspiration on getting together combinations that suit your style and look lovely with your figure. A handsome man’s wardrobe cannot be complete without black-colored jeans, a plain white t-shirt with short sleeves, and black sneakers. Although this helps create a great style, you can still risk looking ordinary without a hat. Since it’s not recommendable to step out in the sun without proper head protection, one of the brimmed hats must accompany you. Let it serve both practical and aesthetic goals.

In t-shirts, you can opt for a crew neck, which tends to be round cut, but it will be a snug fit. Choose softer materials that promise to last longer and stay comfortable in summer. Jeans can be a straight fit because they are also easiest to handle and feel very convenient. Tuck the t-shirt for a crisper look or wear it loose on the jeans for a relaxed charm. No matter how you decide to boast these pieces, your wide brim hat will make sure to enhance the outfit. 

A semi-casual look 

Taking your casual outfit up a level begins with swapping your t-shirt for a button-up short-sleeved shirt and dark wash jeans. Slide-on footwear can be a perfect touch to this style. Hat color decisions will rely on the mix of shades on your shirt, jeans, and footwear. If you try to match your hat with a printed or patterned shirt, stick to one color from the print or pattern instead of the background scheme. Make sure your hat is not too fancy, as it would be overkill. Or, play safe by combining it with your shoes or jeans. If straw, mesh, and lightweight felt are the recommendable headwear materials in the summer season, cotton and linen become the default choice for shirts and tees. After all, these breathable materials will keep you light, airy, and energetic, unlike those heavy fabrics that lack ease.

A dress-up look

Men’s shorts are the perfect alternative when it’s hot and you don’t want to wear heavy long pants. They look lovely paired with a button-down shirt, in particular a long-sleeved one, because the combination allows you to stay calm and look dapper at the same time. You can even go for a lighter-colored button-up for an exciting contrast against your dark chino shorts. Leather and suede shoes add polish, so finish this outfit with white sneakers or loafers. Because it’s a polished outfit, your felt hat with wide brims can be the perfect match. And something with a decorative yet straightforward hatband can look more appealing.

A casual business style

If you need something for a business meeting, the choice has to be easy and versatile. A pair of black pants in a classic fit can be the perfect pick. These pants are neutral-colored, allowing you to add whatever color combinations you want onto your top without creating clashes. Putting on top a super versatile polo shirt can be attractive. It will still keep things casual at the same time. Instead of wearing dress shoes, buy wingtip leather shoes. Its rugged features can up the versatility level even higher. Pair the blue jacket with light blue polo for a go-to office look. Once you get these together, a wide brim hat in white, black, gray, stone or any other suitable tone can be like a cherry on cake kind of addition. 

Depending on the occasion, there are many different ways to dress fashionably for men. For a casual look, jeans and a t-shirt or polo shirt are always in style. A button-down shirt with dress pants or khakis is an excellent option to dress semi-formal. For a more formal look, a suit and tie are always appropriate. And for a truly fashionable look, try pairing unexpected items together, like a blazer with jeans. You cannot get things wrong with so many options available. And when you have the opportunity to add intelligent accessories like a hat that can quickly adapt to any outfit, you don’t need to search for anything else. Their camaraderie can take your fashion game up by multiple notches without being demanding on your bank balance.


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