Causes of Road Traffic Accidents and How to Prevent Them

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Although we are living in an age where technology has advanced so much that we have sensors, back camera and all new inventions road traffic accidents are still at large, about 1.35 million people die as a result of road traffic accidents. Injuries incurred due to accidents may be mild with just bruises to fatal with severe impairment and damage to limbs or even death.

Who Are the Main People at Risk? 

Usually, traffic accidents have been seen to be common among the younger populations aged from 5-29 and mainly they are males especially driving motor bikes. 

Main Reasons for Accidents 

Speeding- one of the commonest causes of accident, many people cross the speed because they are late for work or have to meet someone on time or even for the thrill of it, many youngsters take driving fast as a means of adrenaline rush and have fun performing dangerous stunts while speeding as well. These kinds of activities can be seen among youth who drive motor bikes. In most cases the individuals who drive fast do not only harm themselves but also pedestrians.

Driving Under Influence

Consuming alcohol or any sort of recreational drug and driving will never be the perfect combination. Alcohol and psychoactive substances can mess with one’s mind causing alteration of consciousness, hallucinations and unawareness of what they are doing. Those that drive under influence not only harm themselves in an accident but also crash into someone else. This leads to fatalities and you may have to contact car accident lawyers if it happens.

Not Wearing Seatbelts or Helmets Properly 

Helmet and seat belts are safety equipment to avoid traffic accidents and related injuries as much as possible, in most countries wearing seatbelt and helmets a must and those that do notwear are fined by the police. Not wearing these gadgets properly can lead to injuries that can be avoided. Dashing on to the dash board in the car can be prevented during any sudden stop by wearing a seatbelt, head injuries can be avoided or severity can be reduced even if you have fallen from a two-wheeler by wearing helmet.

Driving Distracted

Mobile phones of this present generation are great, but using it while driving can be detrimental to health. using phone while driving may result in losing concentration while driving and end up in unwanted accidents another thing is using head phones while driving you can listen to music or anything but by plugging in these devices blocks out noise from the outside to an extent you might not be able to even hear the horn.

Other causes are poor weather conditions, driving on a road during rain or snow can cause skidding or sliding of the vehicle, defective vehicle and road under construction.

Ways to Prevent 

Wearing the seat and helmets and safety equipment properly. Avoid driving under influence and if one is under influence hire a chauffeur or taking taxi, driving within speed limits, obeying the traffic rules, staying away from phone or using headsets while driving and observing the surrounding while driving watching out for pedestrians and the other vehicles are some ways to reduce road traffic accidents.


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