Build Your Personal Brand Using Professional Videos

Professional Videos

Today the corporate world has grown tremendously over the past decades. People purchase from brands without fostering any personal connection with them. While this may not sound groundbreaking, the numbers shooting up simply by adding a personal touch to the brand products are.

Personal branding has tons of potential and can unlock potential if the marketing is carried out correctly. This is why you should always create videos to showcase your brand. Videos are the ultimate mode of marketing due to their popularity amongst consumers. People generally find videos easier to follow and retain information from.

But how do you incorporate professional videos into your marketing strategy to build your brand? We are here to explain that to you.

1. Be Authentic

The number one rule when creating a personal brand is to be authentic. You need to simply be who you are in front of colleagues, consumers, and friends. The same should be applied when creating marketing videos for your brand. However, you may find it challenging to be yourself in front of cameras. Do you become stiff? Does your mind go blank? 

Don’t worry; you aren’t the only one. Many people face similar difficulties. To overcome this, whenever you have spare time, go in front of the camera and record yourself. You may use a script, or you can simply talk about your day! Go back and watch the recording. See what you are doing, which isn’t something you often do.

Many people try putting on fake accents or deepening their voices to fit the norm of an ‘entrepreneur’. As a personal brand, you should be the exact opposite. You want people to be able to relate to you. Look into the eye of the camera and talk to your viewers.

2. YouTube

Once you’ve created a video for your brand, upload it onto YouTube. We all know YouTube is the best platform to upload your videos. YouTube users binge on millions of videos a day. It has one of the most diverse audiences across any social media platform. 

To ensure your videos reach a large audience, create a separate thumbnail for each video. Thumbnails are the first glimpse users have of your video. It is one of the key deciding factors to watch your video. Having a template for your thumbnails also works. Re-using a unique template for thumbnails helps the audience quickly identify your videos. This helps set you apart from other videos.

3. Website

Keep in mind, having a flourishing YouTube channel is not the end of the journey. Having a website and an email list is crucial for the growth of your brand. Your personal brand’s YouTube channel will only work to steer your customers to your website. Many online tools are available to help create a website without any code.

Embedding videos onto your website helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a tool used to rank websites according to a search. Websites with video content tend to have a higher ranking than websites with simple textual blog content.

4. Social Media

Although YouTube is the best place to upload video content, it is certainly not the only place. Having an active social media presence is necessary for personal brand growth. Here are some social media platforms to consider growing in:

  • Facebook: This social media platform has multiple ways to post video content. If you are looking for an older age group, Facebook may be the perfect platform for you. 
  • Instagram: If your brand is geared more towards fashion or trendy lifestyles, your best bet would be Instagram. This social media platform has users looking to improve the aesthetics of their lifestyles. Promoting your brand there will be extremely beneficial for you.
  • Twitter: The user base on Twitter loves comedy video content. If you are a person who likes to make people laugh, your brand would be loved by the people of Twitter. Try to tap into the trending memes. This will give you bonus brownie points.
  • LinkedIn: If your brand is a more B2B concept, consider being active on this social media platform. LinkedIn has all of the major CEOs and decision-makers as their user base. It is the perfect place to expand the business, find clients, and establish invaluable connections.

Even though these social media platforms cater to different audiences, they have at least one thing in common. All of them love to consume video content. You can create the best videos using an online video editor. Video is the best possible way to reach the audience, especially fostering a connection.

5. Niche

Niches are extremely useful, especially with brands starting out. The internet is an extremely massive library, and it is easy to get lost in them. Having a niche allows significantly cuts down your competition.

Creating videos geared towards a certain niche allows you to stay relevant. There are numerous beauty gurus and vloggers today. It would be nearly impossible to be the best of them. Keep in mind this is a personal brand, so choosing a niche you personally like will dramatically boost your likability. Here are a few ways you can choose your niche:

  • Make a list of the top 5 things you are most passionate about
  • Study the market for the niche. Learn what other content creators are doing in the niche and how they showcase their products.
  • Take help of Google Trends or other websites offering insight into the latest trends to figure out the best keywords and most wanted topics within your niche.


Personal brands should be held close to your heart. It should be treated like your child, and you should be ready to spend a good amount of time raising it. Research is necessary before launching your YouTube channel, website, social media presence, and other things. Learn what your competitors are doing. Find ways you can do them better. Learn how you can push yourself above the crowd and make your brand noticeable by consumers. Once all of these are done, you are ready to post your professional videos to grow your brand.


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