All About the KOT System

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KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) is a food order taken by a waiter which is sent to the kitchen via a copy and finally passed to the restaurant’s billing section in return for an order bill.

Though basic, KOT plays a significant role in systematizing the restaurant’s ordering system.

Conventional Kitchen Order Ticket Process

Before the fast-growing technology penetrated the industry that helped in easing the operations and total functioning, the conventional KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) process was commonly employed. It’s simply carried out in a paper-pen format with carbon paper on a notepad that carries 3 copies. One is passed on to the kitchen to cook the order and send it out. The second copy remains with the waiter till the food gets served after which it’s sent for billing. The third copy stays in the note pad to have a complete list of orders for that day.

However, this process is laborious, prone to manual errors and completely outdated now. So, Its wise to move to an automated restaurant KOT system which is both economical and cost-effective.

The restaurant management software Point Of Sale (POS) when installed, generates an immediate KOT, while you handle some other operations. It’s an essential tool for aligning your restaurant activities and scaling up your business, simultaneously.

How is a KOT System Installed?

Installation of the POS system is made at the service counter whereas the KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) printers at the kitchen and the bar counter.

Each time the software records an order into the system, the kitchen and billing section prints a note mentioning the details of the table number and ordered items. After taking careful note of the necessary information, the kitchen staff cooks the food and is supplied. As all these things happen in real-time, one doesn’t need to rush back and forth with the KOTs.

Importance of KOT System

It’s very user-friendly as orders can be directly entered into the system, enabling an automatic generation of the KOT. Being a touchscreen device, it’s much like using a mobile phone. This enables smooth and quick service because the order is entered on the same floor while the KOT gets printed in real-time in the kitchen.

Getting the restaurant management software installed, streamlines your online orders which is hassle-free from the moment an order is accepted by the restaurant through online food delivery platforms. Even with multiple outlets, all-time monitoring is possible as it allows supervising your restaurant from anywhere.

With daily sales and inventory details at your fingertips, there is reduced scope for discrepancies keeping the revenue leakage at minimum. It reduces manual activity hence excess labor costs are saved as well. As it comes with a combined KOT feature that drops additional cost, you can get the yearly subscription of the restaurant management software at an affordable price.


An automated restaurant KOT system is essential in streamlining everyday operations and assisting with the overall management of the restaurant. It’s an intelligent choice to keep your blooming business updated with the fast-growing, technology-driven world.


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