A Simplified Guide to Omnichannel Contact Center Software for Enterprises

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Nowadays, with the increasing competition in the market and technological advancement, consumer’s expectations from businesses they patron are also growing. They expect businesses to be present on various channels and provide reliable, fast, secure, and qualified service on all those channels. Therefore, instead of relying on traditional ‘call centers’ that are solely focused on telephone communications, businesses are now giving importance to enterprise contact centers that support self-service automation and multiple channels of customer service and sales. 

A well-built contact center software accommodates the growing importance of providing omnichannel customer support. It usually provides services like VoIP telephone services, email, chat, fax services, direct website interface, etc. Businesses that haven’t already evolved their contact centers must start planning to utilize them as customer engagement centers. These centers act as a hub that can provide customers with a seamless, omnichannel customer experience regardless of what contact channel the customer uses.  

What Is An Omnichannel Contact Center?

So, what exactly is an omnichannel contact center? Well, it is a contact center that facilitates its customers to communicate with them by means of their preferred channel.  Today, customers don’t think about what channel they are using, they just want the fastest and efficient way to do what they are looking for. They shift between multiple channels seamlessly and sometimes may use all of them at the same time while anticipating efficiency and superior customer service across all the channels. Thus,     omnichannel contact centers are designed to improve their customer experience by providing them comprehensive access to various available channels, ensuring a unified customer experience.

Multichannel Contact Center Vs Omnichannel Contact Center

Many people get confused between the multichannel contact center and the omnichannel contact center. Many organizations use both these terms interchangeably when discussing customer service and sales. However, both are not the same. A multichannel contact center serves customers across multiple different channels like telephone, email, and website. All these channels are serviced separately and often provide different customer experiences. On the other hand, an omnichannel contact center can provide services to their customers flawlessly across any and every channel, while offering a unified customer experience across all the channels. 

Benefits of Omnichannel Contact Center Software for Enterprises

Though transforming an enterprise’s contact center into an omnichannel customer engagement center seems daunting as it may require new operational processes, marketing tactics, or even new technologies. However, the transformation can bring amazing results. It is important to note that the best contact center software can alter customer experience by offering channel choice, omnichannel interactions, personalization, and much more. Below are some of the key benefits of utilizing omnichannel contact center software:

Benefits Related To Customers

  • More Business: When businesses provide excellent, reliable, fast, and secure services to their customers, they are more likely to get rewarded in terms of increased sales. According to a study about retail customers, omnichannel customers are more valuable and loyal as they spend more on every shopping occasion, and make more repeat purchases. About 87% of customers are willing to purchase more products from businesses that provide exceptional customer service. 
  • Increased Customer Recommendations: omnichannel customers will not only make repeat purchases but are also likely to recommend a business to friends and family members, as compared to single-channel customers. About 81% of consumers are more likely to recommend a company that provides superior customer service. Even studies have revealed that word-of-mouth referrals are more effective than paid advertising. Therefore, more referrals may result in more sales.
  • Better Customer Retention: As per a study, one out of three consumers would leave a brand they love after just one bad experience. Enterprises with strong omnichannel customer engagement approach hold on to an average 89% of their customers, whereas, enterprises with weak omnichannel customer engagement, have just about 33% customer retention rate. 

Benefits Related To Agents

Agents at contact centers are their greatest asset and offering them great tools can definitely help them to yield tangible benefits. Some of the key benefits of implementing a good contact center include:

  • Lesser Agent Turnover: Good contact center software will not only increase agent satisfaction but will also reduce turnover by making them feel well-equipped to perform their jobs efficiently. 
  • Increased Efficiency: Omnichannel contact center software enables agents to concurrently handle multiple interactions in diverse channels with different customers. It also empowers them to switch channels or even add channels to an ongoing interaction. This way it makes their job easier and makes them more efficient. 


There is no doubt that omnichannel is the future of customer contact centers. In today’s competitive era where there are numerous businesses striving hard to engage their existing customers and attract new ones, they need to adopt advanced ways to reach their customers and fulfill their requirements. Today and in the coming years, to maintain a consistent position in the market, businesses must be able to engage and transact with their customers anytime, anywhere, across any touchpoint, device, or channel. Here comes the role of omnichannel contact center software, which can help an enterprise to become the most reliable customer engagement center. Using this software, organizations can meet customer expectations and provide a seamless and unified customer experience, that too in the channel of their customer’s choice. Along with superior customer experience, this will further result in improved sales, increased customer retention, and of course, improved brand loyalty for the business. 


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