9 Ways to Make Your Content More Memorable


Have you ever lost your keys and tried to find them by picturing where you might have last seen them? There’s something about location and visuals that generally helps us remember things. That’s why images and videos are so powerful online. Essentially, you’re connecting with people on an emotional level whilst also giving them fun visuals. Moreover, it’s easy to get creative with various templates with a collage maker online.

Various Types of Content

The first thing to note before you even start exploring your collage maker online is that there are different types of content that you can use. These include the following:

  • Blogs
  • ebooks
  • Infographics
  • How-to guides
  • Case studies

Don’t forget though that you can mix images and videos for all of those types of content. Of course, videos aren’t always applicable but a good rule of thumb is to always include images and photos. So, get creating with your collage maker online.

9 Ways to Leverage Images with a Collage Maker Online

When you make a photo collage, there are a few things to first think about to make sure you create the most memorable online image possible. Therefore, before you download your beautiful photo collage, it’s worth checking you’ve covered the following points:

1- Know your Audience

We’re all different and that includes your ideal follower and customer. For instance, do you know their demographics and preferences? You can then think about what type of pictures are going to appeal to them.

From there, it’s straightforward to choose a collage template, upload your photos and customize accordingly with the photo editor tool. The more you can align with the sort of ads people like to see, the more likely they’ll remember you.

2- Be Yourself

No one likes pushy sales ads. On the contrary, we like to connect with human beings. With a collage maker, you have an awesome opportunity to showcase photos of the real you. The tools also allow you to add features, a filter, sticker, and anything else that you think shows off who you are and what your brand stands for.

3- Catchy Headlines

Most people now know about keywords but have you checked your headlines? It all starts there when people review their Google search results when they browse on the web. Furthermore, you can add text with fun fonts to your photo collages to enhance your message even more.

4- Unique Images

Clearly, being unique is key but what does that really mean? Photos that grab attention often include happy faces as well as weird and wonderful patterns or surprising close-ups. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your pictures. Then again, it’s also a balance with keeping things simple when working with your collage maker.

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5- Create a Story

Everyone loves a great story. They make us feel human and connected on a deeper level. Moreover, it’s so simple to build a story with a collage maker. That’s because you can lay out different images that show the beginning, middle, and end of any story. For example, you can lay out your team’s growth or the evolution of your product across your photo collage.

6- Keep it Simple

As mentioned, simple often works best when you make a photo collage. After all, it’s easy to get carried away with features and editing functions. Even a free online collage maker has lots of options and graphics for you to add to your photo collages. Nevertheless, try not to overdo it. If you’re not sure then it’s worth getting feedback from friends or a few trusty followers.

7- The ‘a-ha’ Moment

It’s a beautiful moment that most people remember when they finally understand something. If your brand and offering are fixing a problem then perhaps you can also create an aha moment in your photo collages. If you can create a project with your collage maker that enables people to imagine your product or service in their life, and that they suddenly can’t live without it, then you’ve won them over.

8- Clear Message

You can have an amazing photo collage but if people don’t know what to do with it then you’ll lose them. It’s so simple to add text including a link for them to sign up to or to direct them to your website, for instance.

9- Repetition and Emotions

Our memories work best when messages are repeated and linked to our emotions. You can do that with your collage maker by arranging photos in a clever way across the grid provided by your collage templates. You’ll therefore want to think about how to show the same message but in different ways through your images. Perhaps different angles, patterns or colors can help you?

Final Recommendations for Making Memorable Content with a Collage Maker Online

When editing your final photo collages, try to put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Is the message unique and clear? Do the photos appeal to emotions? Have you included a catchy headline with just the right amount of text? Last but not least, are you being true to yourself and your brand? Answer those questions and you’ll easily be growing your online presence with memorable content thanks to your amazing collage maker tool.


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