7 Myths about Dialysis Dispelled


All those out there that are the victims of kidney diseases are familiarized with the word dialysis. Dialysis is an aid to treat your kidneys when they are unable to do their job of cleaning your blood. Kidneys normally clean the blood and make sure that it is free of any toxins and that is how they are able to produce urine. But when your kidneys are underperforming they cannot perform this task. This leads to the onset of dialysis treatment. 

But there are a number of rumors that circulate to us all when it comes to dialysis. I got to learn the true facts when I visited Medicare Hospital Karachi. So today I will be sharing with you the reality of the facts when it comes to the topic of dialysis. 

Filtering the Truth about Dialysis 

Kidney failures are one of the most common diseases of the 21st century. The treatment of dialysis has been saving the lives of people for centuries. So to make sure that the people are aware of the truth is more prevalent than ever. 

1. You can Only get Dialysis at a Medical Center

This is also not true. Getting dialysis at a medical center is one of the options. But you can also get this treatment at home. 

2. It is a Painful Process

This is true to some extent and untrue in some others. Hemodialysis is an exceptional case. If you feel discomfort or fear at the sight of needles then this might be a pesky process for you.

But most of the time the patients feel no issue whatsoever. 

In certain cases when patients have low blood pressure then they end up feeling a bit nauseated. This drop in blood pressure can also lead to the onset of vomiting, headaches, or cramps. 

All this can easily be avoided if you keep an eye on your dietary suggestions by your doctor. 

3. It is a Death Sentence 

This statement cannot be any more wrong. The reality is the exact opposite of what you have been told. In fact, the chances of fatalities due to renal problems and issues are a lot higher in patients that refuse to undergo dialysis. 

So do not lose hope when your doctor or primary health care advisor asks you to undergo dialysis, because they are not putting you on a deathbed. In fact, they are prolonging your life sentence by suggesting an effective way. 

4. Dialysis is not a Budget-Friendly Treatment 

This is also not true. When it comes to renal treatment surgery can take a toll on your financial health. But in the case of dialysis, it is not the same case. When you get your dialysis appointment from a government institute they cover most of your bills. 

So make sure to get over the fact that dialysis is an expensive process because it is so not. 

5. You Cannot Travel 

Just make sure that you are pre-booked. Dialysis centers are nowadays present in every single corner of the country. So you do not have to worry about the fact that you will miss your appointment. 

But you have to remember one thing and that is that you have to make sure that you have gotten an appointment at a dialysis center or at a medical institute. 

6. You are Always Tired 

No, this is also not true. You do feel lethargic but it does not mean that you are unable to continue your everyday work. After the completion of the process of dialysis,  you can resume your life and can continue your everyday work. 

7. You as a Patient have no Voice

This is the myth that is the most dangerous one out there. People often assume that when they start medical treatment they have no say whatsoever in the continuity of the process. There does exist a thing that is known as patients’ rights. 

These rights include quality care, privacy, medical information, social work, and dietary counseling. 

The Bottom Line

Dialysis is an important step towards recovery from renal failures. So you should not be afraid of this process because it is definitely not a death sentence. If there is anything, this process can bring you a step closer towards being healthy. Thus make sure to get proper consultation and if you need any guidance get help from your primary health care advisor. 


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