5 Weird Things for You to Say to Your Friends in the Crowd

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nqobile vundla GEckPsqHlBA unsplash

There are many of us love being weird. And now, more than ever, weirdness is seeing new heights for reasons seen yet unknown. But needless to say, we as humans have always loved weirdness, an example of which is the popularity of movies like Dumb and Dumber, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan, Borat and more. And just like many one-liners in these movies, we also love weird funny random things to say in a conversation or to a friend amidst a crowd on anywhere else.

Here we shall be talking about some such weird things to say that you can easily add to your daily vocabulary. Each of these is simple, easy to remember and very weird, like really weird. Say one of these out loud in public and be sure to turn a lot many heads. However, we do not know what will happen next.

Here are 5 weird things for you to say in a crowd:

  1. I will beat you with a small child.

This sounds really weird like, Child’s Play kind’a weird. No doubt funny but creepy at first, you can say this to a friend who is, maybe, said something that you don’t like. Just say this one line out of fun and you are bound to make people turn their heads at you or maybe laugh or giggle or do some other reaction. You can even add the line “…and feed the child to my pet anaconda.” Sounds cool, right?

  1. One time I died but I got better.

Weird. Nothing else. This single line is way more cooler when said out lied. Try it out. This is a very effective of all the random things to say when you feel more frustrated than ever. Imagine you are hanging out with a friend and you say this broodingly. It will bring forth a giggle on his or her face and when you asking why is he or she laughing, they won’t have an answer. You know why? Because it’s just weird. Nailed it.

  1. Eat my pants!

This is a really funny example of weird things to say. Use this when you are angry at a friend of yours for some stupid thing he or she has done. There is real punishment for a person’s stupidity that a perfect weird one-liner targeted to that person. And this one sound great for the noble occasion. Nobody would even think of something like this. Yes there are many things that cannot be eaten, but pants are definitely not the first or second or third thing that comes to the mind either.

  1. A balloon just flew out my butt

Now, you can either say this which is weird or you can replace the word “my” with “your” and make it funnier. As funny as weird this line is, it is perfect at any moment of hanging out with your friends. This is also one of the funny random things to say in a text. You can also give it a try when trying to cheer someone up. Whatever the situation may be, this one liner certainly works if you know when to use it.

  1. I like juggling teddy bears while break dancing to the sound of a dishwasher!

Many a time, it so happens that we meet new people and they ask you what do you like to do in your free time. Instead of revealing about yourself at the first meet, use this one-liner. Although not many will understand it, all will be able to connect to it. This is one of those weird things to say that immediately make you imagine the scene as you are doing right now. This feeling also applies to the previous one, a balloon flying out of your butt. Imagine that!

If you are looking for more such weird funny random things to say in a conversation, there are many websites that have long lists of such things. All you have to it look them up and memorize. It is not easy to be weird after all.


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