5 Lounges in the United States Where You Can Legally Smoke Weed

ahmed zayan 1svWCsnnrT8 unsplash
ahmed zayan 1svWCsnnrT8 unsplash

Cannabis is a booming industry, and as it grows, people want to have the right to smoke weed wherever they choose. 

Still, there’s a legal difference between medicinal and recreational marijuana. Some states are okay with weed for medical reasons, and other states welcome stoners with open arms.

How do you know where you can safely light up on your next night out? Head to these “cannabis cafes” and lounges where weed is the “buzzword.

1. Summit Private Lounge

On the east coast, marijuana is taking a little longer to absorb into mainstream culture. But in Worcester (pronounced “wu-ster, just in case you plan to make a visit), Massachusetts, the Summit Private Lounge is open. All who want to light up a cigarette or a joint are welcome there.

Summit is an upscale lounge and is the only place along this side of the coast where cannabis consumption is legal. In fact, for a small monthly membership fee, you can participate in cannabis tastings and light up in the rustic atmosphere. 

Enjoy the live music, fully stocked bar, and nostalgic video game experience as you socialize with other cannabis connoisseurs.

2. Moe Greens

California is well-known for its relaxed stance on marijuana, but you can’t light up just anywhere. In tech-central San Francisco, the pickings are slim if you want a high-quality place to smoke weed. 

Moe Greens is the prime spot for cannabis consumers, so make sure you score a reservation before you stop in for a smoke.

Right around the corner from the Twitter headquarters, it’s no wonder Moe’s is always packed. Its location in the mid-Market neighborhood and sophisticated atmosphere attract people from all over the country.

Visitors can bring their own weed or buy products sold at the lounge. The price varies depending on if you want to hang in the Playground, the Vault, or the High Roller. A booth costs $420 per hour—hmmm, where did they get that number from?

3. Magnolia Oakland

States like Florida continue to stay behind the times, legalizing marijuana but prohibiting it in social places. At the other extreme, California leads the pack.

Near San Fran is Oakland, another popular spot in the Bay Area. Here, you’ll find the city’s Magnolia vape lounge. It’s not the only place you can consume cannabis and enjoy a night out in the state, but it’s highly recommended. 

Magnolia is an all-in-one premier spot, operating as a dispensary, dab bar, and vape lounge. You can bring your own weed and supplies, or buy the products they serve and sell there.

No one is left out. The menu includes edibles, topicals, and sublinguals, too. And an on-site nurse is available to answer all your medical questions.

4. Planet 13 (Coming Soon!)

Planet 13 in Las Vegas, Nevada is already a globally known cannabis dispensary. Now the state has approved cannabis consumption lounges. And the complex is wasting no time extending its entertainment center to include smoking weed.

Right now, you’ll still enjoy a visit to Planet 13. It’s one of the only places in the country where you can see interactive lotus flowers. Enjoy a meal at a Mexican-inspired restaurant, and immerse yourself in cannabis.

Right now, you’ll still enjoy a visit to Planet 13. It’s one of the only places in the country where you can see interactive lotus flowers, eat at a Mexican-inspired restaurant, and immerse yourself in cannabis. 

The production viewing facility shows you firsthand how cannabis products are made and packaged. It’s an experience true weed lovers won’t want to miss. The lounge will be opening ASAP. In the meantime, you can have your cannabis products delivered or go for curbside pickup.

P.S. If you live further east, you’ll be glad to know Planet 13 is also coming to Chicago. Keep your eyes peeled for their new location closer to you!

5. The Luna Lounge

A small business owner in the tiny town of Sesser, Illinois made headlines in July when they opened a cannabis smoking lounge.

Previously a tobacco hookah lounge, the Luna Lounge’s owners started allowing cannabis smokers to indulge, too. Since there’s no alcohol served or allowed, there’s less pushback from the town.

With hardly any options open to people who were legally trying to consume their weed, local governments stepped in. They agreed to allow smoking lounges for 21 and older adults. When the owners of the Luna Lounge heard this, they swept in to save the day.

If you’re near Sesser or know any of your friends heading that way, stop in and support the small business. If the lounge is successful, it could pave the way for other hookah lounges to follow in its footsteps!


From cannabis cafes and private lounges to small-town hookah shops, the weed industry is growing like, well, a weed!

Spread across the country are little and big places like these, where cannabis consumers can relax in the comfort of a social atmosphere and light up. Right now, there aren’t many of these lounges, but we see a trend of many more coming in the future!


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