5 Advantages of Enrolling Toddlers Into Online Tutoring Programs

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Kids develop new skills every day. Their toddler years are a great time to witness some tremendous changes in their cognitive, social and emotional skills. 

During this stage, what used to be single words develop into complete phrases. They become more curious about everything that they would often ask random questions. With this, most toddlers are eager to start school like the big kids, especially if they have elder siblings to look up to. However, the transition to preschool may not always turn out so well. A recent study at John Hopkins School of Education showed about 20 per cent of kindergarten students delay in cognitive development and 31 per cent in social and emotional growth.

As parents, your number one goal is to support your kids throughout these developmental milestones and make sure they won’t lag behind. These days, fortunately, you will find plenty of services that offer online learning programs for children as young as three years old. Enrolling your kids to online tutoring is an excellent way to get them ready for kindergarten.

From preparing children for academic performances to building their confidence inside and outside school, here are some benefits of online tutoring that will put your kids in an advantage. 

Early School Preparation

Introducing kids to a formal academic setting is the most essential step in instilling a strong learning foundation. Online tutoring services prepare toddlers by teaching them to follow simple classroom rules, adapt to new routines and create a positive attitude towards learning. This way helps prevent kids from experiencing culture shock on this huge transition of going to school.  

Surpassing Academic Expectation

Preschool learning focuses on writing letters and numbers, reading the alphabet and identifying different colours. By enrolling your kids to online tutoring as an additional form of education, you let them learn things at a greater extent. For instance, kids are trained to practise scribbling and drawing lines, curves, and angles in a fun and engaging way. The aim is not to perfect their writing skills but to let them discover and explore their own creativity — something they don’t always experience in traditional classroom settings. 

Personalised Learning Approach

Online tutoring provides a one-on-one discussion between devoted mentors and students. With this personalised approach, your child is allowed to learn things at his or her own pace. This means that they can take as much time as they want or need to focus on and master specific lessons. Unlike in traditional classrooms, online students move forward only whenever they are ready to. Furthermore, learning from the comfort of their home with no distractions from other students will help your child feel more relaxed and receptive to learning.

Enhanced Confidence

Some children, when struggling in class, may feel either too shy or too afraid to ask questions and seek help from their teachers. Good thing, the level of anonymity that online tutoring provides somehow creates a safe avenue for less confident kids to express their thoughts and reask whatever they missed. This way helps kids to build their confidence and begin to ask more questions in class, too.   

Advanced Engagement with Digital Platforms

Enrolling your child to online classes is a great way to get them a head start on utilising technology as a powerful educational platform. The use of a technologic approach in studying is certainly not going to change anytime soon. In fact, schools are getting digital as early as grade school with activities and homework researches done online. With schools and most workforces requiring high digital proficiency, it makes plenty of sense for children to become more comfortable with computers at an early age.   

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