3 differences between REALTOR farming postcards vs. “regular” realtor postcards

REALTOR farming

If you are trying to sell ranch houses, are working in the Midwest, or have a dedicated client base of farmers who are looking to sell property; then you may use marketing tactics that differ from typical residential real estate. Instead of focusing your efforts on a diverse clientele base, you may solely focus on a specific type of person and geographic area.

As a farming realtor, it’s imperative to utilize realtor farming postcards. This way, you can attract your specific type of customers and ensure they remain in your clientele base. Let’s take a look at the key elements of using farming postcards vs “regular” postcards – after all, you need to understand what attracts your client base so that you are focused solely on them.

Use a photo of a farmhouse

The first thing that you should use with realtor farming postcards is to use a farmhouse or barn as the main cover photo on your postcard. To show that you can sell farm houses, you should know what sells so that your ideal client knows you have experience in this industry. 

A picture of a condo or penthouse won’t attract your target audience. However, showing a beautiful house that is currently for sale, has been sold, or is an idyllic farmhouse is the best way to attract your client base – farmers. 

Show the surroundings

The next reason realtor farming postcards might differ from city postcards is that they show surroundings, which really capture the natural elements of farmhouses. In city apartments and condominiums, the main focus is going to be the amenities and the modern appliances in the apartment. 

However, with the farmhouse, you will find that the main draw is going to be the land and the outdoor space. When using realtor farming postcards, be sure to show the yard and the acreage that goes along with the property.

Reach out to the client directly

The last way that you can use realtor farming postcards to attract your target audience is by reaching out to them directly. If you know your niche target market, then use your marketing postcards to say why YOU are the best for their needs and describe the services that you can provide them.

Start attracting ideal clients today. 

Using farming postcards to sell farmhouses and ranches will yield the best results and bring you the most ideal clients. Be sure to utilize these key elements before creating and using your postcards for marketing purposes. 

Be the leader in your local real estate market and show potential clients why you are the best agent in this niche industry. 


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