2 Cool Car Gadgets to Make You’re Driving Pleasurable and Safe

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There is little doubt that driving has become less pleasurable over the last few years. There are more cars on the road and the skills possessed by many of these drivers are questionable to say the least.

We have seen the introduction of many driving-related gadgets recently, some good, some bad, and most of them downright ugly! The problem with having a new toy to play with becomes pretty dangerous when it detracts from your number one priority – driving! So with this in mind, we decided to bring you a few car-related innovations that we think are actually pretty useful for a change!

In Car Storage – POA – Various Manufacturers

3 2 Cool Car Gadgets to Make Your Driving Pleasurable and Safe

Our first gadget may not seem to be a big deal and it certainly won’t impress your peers, but it remains a real issue with many motorists. Many of us will have to deal with a substantial amount of shopping items at least once per week. And if we need to bring our kids along for the ride, space becomes a premium that often runs very low. 

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Unless you are in possession with a huge people carrier, you can face a dilemma all too often. You manage to jam the bags into your boot and on your floor with some pretty poor results. Shopping for food is darn expensive and you could do without having to deal with smashed containers and crushed vegetables on a weekly basis.

More car manufacturers are coming up with their own solutions and they should be factored into the reasons for buying these vehicles. A hammock style net in the trunk is an awesome way to protect your delicate shopping items without using valuable trunk floor space.

You can lay the unbreakable stuff below it and be confident that your weekly investment has not been compromised.

Smartphone Connection – POA – Various Manufacturers

No matter how great your latest handheld communication device happens to be, they remain a potentially deadly distraction for drivers everywhere. This device allows the driver and passengers a very convenient central point from which to use a smartphone’s incredibly versatile features.

Many car manufacturers have identified this as a worthwhile add-on and are offering this as an optional extra. You can safely take and make phone calls whilst driving your car and your passengers can use this facility to check on their social media updates with ease.

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It is also an easy and safe way to choose your favourite music tracks without ever taking your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road. The cost for this useful gadget will vary and some of the more expensive models will probably include this in the asking price.

If you look around for used car deals, try and choose a model that has this valuable option already installed. So many accidents take place every day because careless motorists are using their concentration for smartphone related issues, don’t add to this statistic and get yourself one of these babies!

Driving Just Got a Little Easier!

We believe that either of these gadgets will make the drive a little less stressful and hopefully more enjoyable for you!


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